Sneak Peek! Zio Ziegler Paints a Pottery Barn Conference Room

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Everything at Pottery Barn is rooted in art. So much of what we do is made by artists — whether it’s our furniture, our textiles or our dinnerware — and we cherish and admire anyone’s passion for their craft.


That’s where Zio Ziegler comes in. Passion is practically this 26-year-old Mill Valley, California resident’s middle name.  He’s constantly producing new work — sometimes up to 1,000 pieces a year — covering everything from canvases, to shoes, to store fronts with his very distinctive style. “It’s chronic,” he says. “I can’t really stop. Girls would get mad at me on dates because I’d be drawing on the napkins.”


We asked Ziegler to bring his inspiring style to PBHQ, where he painted a permanent mural in one of our conference rooms. Although Ziegler came into the project without a specific plan or idea, the end result quickly took shape. “I like to work fast and I work in a very visceral way,” he says. “The lines just make more sense when you don’t think. I like to turn mistakes into opportunities.”


“The piece is really determined in the first 10 minutes of work,” Ziegler adds. “The emotion of the painting makes more sense than can be articulated. All of the sudden, the character filled up that void.”


Ziegler’s custom piece will have a permanent spot in one of PBHQ’s main conference rooms, inspiring all of us each and every day.

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