Sneak Peek: Pottery Barn’s 2014 Indigo Spring Collection

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Today, we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek of our Spring Collection for 2014. Follow Pottery Barn on Pinterest, and take a look at our Spring Preview Pinterest board. Click on each photo on the board, and you’ll be able to shop the collection before anyone else.

Here on the blog, we wanted to tell you a little bit about our new color story: Indigo. We spoke to one of our expert textile designers, who filled us in on what it was like working with such a refined hue.

indigo cover shot

Blue (and indigo in particular) is a refreshing color. In psychological studies, blue has a calming, tranquil affect — the same feeling we get when we look at a clear lake or the ocean. It’s a natural color to gravitate to after months of cold weather and dark skies.

pottery barn living roomBut for whatever reason, some of us still get nervous about using it in our homes. “Blue shouldn’t be scary to introduce into your house,”  says Pottery Barn textile designer Sandra. “It’s just like wearing a pair of jeans. It’s very pretty, classic and easy to work with.”

candle votivesIndigo’s rich, deep hue allowed Pottery Barn designers to treat it like a neutral when creating this collection. “Indigo evolved into a neutral for us. Gray and blue is gorgeous,” says Sandra. “You can also introduce red into indigo for more of an Americana feel. There’s really not a lot you can’t pair with it.”

spring previewThe collection mixes textures, colors and patterns with its signature indigo hue. “Flax linens and ivories look fresh with indigo, like a white t-shirt and jeans,” says Sandra. Many of the textiles also combine patterns with influences from Japan, India and traditional America.

cambriafootedJust like it does on a good pair of jeans, indigo offers a gradation of colors as it’s washed and worn down.  “We played a lot with tonalities of blues,” says Sandra. “Indigo blooms when it’s washed.”

paisleyDuring the photo shoots, the designers found that adding a touch of black — through wood, iron or finishes — provided a complementary focal point to the indigo. It’s a simple but impactful decision that’s easy to implement in anyone’s home.

lights“You don’t have to change very much when using blue in your home,” says Sandra. “It’s not that hard to infuse with existing wood, leathers and fabrics.”

cambria pileDon’t forget to check out our new indigo collection and much more of our Spring 2014 Collection Preview exclusively on Pinterest!

12 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Pottery Barn’s 2014 Indigo Spring Collection

  1. Carole @ Rustic Artistry

    I’m so psyched about indigo being incorporated into PB’s palette. I’m about to decorate a new sitting room in my house and had planned to use white and indigo as my primary colors and incorporate a rustic chic look. I’ll definitely be shopping Pottery Barn for my furniture and accessories.

  2. Venesia

    Love it, and I want one of everything! love blue and cream or blue and almost any other color. Blue is always pretty in a home.

  3. Rayna

    Stunning!! I use a lot of different blues in my home and it just provides a very calm and soothing feel. It’s a great neutral I feel.

  4. Susan

    When will this collection be out? I am awaiting the diamond quilt in indigo but still no sightings of it on the website. I want that quilt!

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