Showcasing Fall’s Bounty With Open Shelving

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Designer Barbara Colvin wowed us with her lovely wine cabinet display, featured at the Napa Valley Showhouse. Featuring a mix of seasonal delicacies, essential cookbooks and, of course, wine and wine glasses, the cabinet provided a handsome, rustic element to the overall house.

Open shelving may seem like a daunting design choice, especially for those of us who might embrace clutter a bit too enthustiastically. Consider this, however, as an opportunity to pare down your collection of knickknacks and glassware, until you’re left with the truly lovely pieces.

Think of a cabinet like this as a gallery wall for functional objects. Mixing elements like glassware and preserves also cultivates a welcoming, autumnal feel. Another great idea? Barbara labeled each shelf in the cabinet, creating a card catalog of sorts for the kitchen set.

Do you decorate with open shelving at your home? What do you choose to display? To try this look, check out our selection of Pottery Barn bars and buffets.

One thought on “Showcasing Fall’s Bounty With Open Shelving

  1. Rayna

    I love the look for open shelving to display treasured items. And what you said is correct, it gives you a chance to get down to what you truly love. Maybe display your collection of milk glass or vintage tins or maybe your favorite books. I’ve been looking for a piece to achieve this look just as you’ve shown! I hope someday you’ll bring this piece to Pottery Barn!


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