Mystery Box Design Challenge: Boughs, Baubles and Rustic-Chic Holiday Moments

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This week, we’re taking a closer look at the five bloggers who are featured in our Mystery Box Challenge. We challenged five of our favorite entertaining bloggers to create holiday decor vignettes with ornaments from our Jewels for the Home collection in the second Mystery Box Design Challenge. You can vote for your favorite design here. Today, we’re featuring the designs created by Cyd Converse at The Sweetest Occasion.

What’s your favorite type of holiday party to throw?

“I love cookie and bubbly parties! Everyone brings their favorite holiday cookies to share and I put together a bubbly bar with tasty liqueur syrups and fruit (like cranberries and pomegranate seeds). Crank the holiday music, dim the lights and gather ’round the tree and you’ve got a really easy yet festive celebration with friends.”

  1. What’s your favorite holiday drink to serve (or drink)?

“In my little hometown nestled along Lake Ontario in upstate New York, there is nothing as classic as a Tom and Jerry during the holidays. To me they’re the best way to welcome the holidays! Served up in a vintage Tom and Jerry bowl, they’re so charming and nostalgic.”


What’s one effortless way to add holiday décor to a party?

“Twinkle lights and candles are so inexpensive and instantly add loads of ambiance to a space. I also love touches of pine, like a fresh pine garland wrapped around the banister or lining the center of the table. When in doubt, sparkle sparkle sparkle is the way to go!”


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Source: Photos courtesy The Sweetest Occasion

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