Mystery Box Design Challenge: A Dazzling Holiday Buffet

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This week, we’re taking a closer look at the five bloggers who are featured in our Mystery Box Challenge. We challenged five of our favorite entertaining bloggers to create holiday decor vignettes with ornaments from our Jewels for the Home collection in the second Mystery Box Design Challenge. You can vote for your favorite design here. Today, we’re featuring the designs created by Anne Powers at A. Party Style.  

What’s your favorite type of holiday party to throw?

“My favorite holiday party to throw is a casual evening event with drinks and bite-sized appetizers and/or desserts. There is less stress and party planning preparations if you take providing an entire meal out of the equation.”

What’s your favorite holiday drink to serve (or drink)?

“My favorite holiday drink to serve, and drink, is egg nog. Not many drinks allow everyone on the guest list to enjoy. You can make two batches – a spiked version for adults and a non-alcoholic version for the children. ”

What’s one effortless way to add holiday décor to a party?

“Add holiday decor effortlessly to your party by embellishing your food platters and/or tablescape with a few small festive evergreen branches from your backyard and light lots of candles to add sparkle and a warm glow to your event space.” Vote for your favorite design on Pottery Barn’s Facebook page now!

Source: Photos courtesy A. Party Style

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