The Story Behind Our Wesley Throw — And Knitting Tips From the Designer

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This week, we caught up with Jenn, one of Pottery Barn’s textile designers, to find out what went on behind the scenes with her design of the Wesley Knit Throw.

In the case of the Westley Knit Throw, it was fashion informing decor. Jenn told us, “Originally I’d knit a big cowl scarf out of that yarn that I used to wear all the time. So I sent swatches of that [out] and had the yarn developed in the same stitch as my big chunky scarf.”

Want to start knitting on your own? Jenn told us that she was initially frustrated by knitting when she started around 10 years ago, but after she switched to a continental knitting technique, she found her stride. She also said that this technique has advantages of creating a more even stitch and using fewer skeins of yarn for a larger project.

Jenn also offered these tips:

  • Start with something easy. “A scarf is the best first project.”
  • Go big. “Start with big needles. Don’t use anything over a 5 to 7 gauge needle.”
  • Hang in there. “Don’t get frustrated! That’s my number 1 tip.”
  • Repair your work with ease. “If you drop a stitch don’t rip apart the whole thing, just go back to the row with the hole and repair from there.”
  • A good stitch to add to your repertoire. “A rib stitch is a good stitch to learn after you learn how to knit and purl. That way, if you’re doing a bigger blanket you can get your stitches to lay flat.”
  • Don’t try something too ambitious right away.“Start with square and rectangular projects first and then work up to shaping.”
  • Stop into a store in your neighborhood. “My favorite is ImagiKnit at 18th and Sanchez in [San Francisco’s] Mission [District]. They’re really helpful. You can go in there and ask for advice and they’ll help you.”




2 thoughts on “The Story Behind Our Wesley Throw — And Knitting Tips From the Designer

  1. Sandy

    Is there a pattern to make this throw? Can we purchase the pattern to make it ourselves? Not to resale, only for personal use or gifting.


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