From Clay to Cast Metal: The Turkey Butter Dish

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When planning a Thanksgiving tablescape, it’s often challenging to find room for both functional and decorative element. We always recommend leaving a little room for a table piece that will add a touch of whimsy to the gathering. A fun, inspired decorative object will not only bring a smile to your guests’ faces, it will elevate the look of the entire table. This season, we present as a solution to this conundrum the  Sculpted Turkey Butter Dish, which serves as both a decorative and functional object for your table. 

The original design for the Sculpted Turkey Butter Dish was created by Pottery Barn’s own Josh, who molded the distinctive look of the dish out of clay at his home studio. Here’s a look at the clay version of the butter dish in mid-process, from three different angles.

The handbuilt look of the finished Sculpted Turkey Butter Dish can be traced back to the careful molding of the original clay model. The resulting butter dish is imbued with an heirloom quality that might easily lead guests to believe that the Sculpted Turkey Butter Dish been in your family for generations.

We also love that the Sculpted Turkey Butter Dish is a functional piece. Thanksgiving tables are always heavily laden with dinnerware, glassware, linens, and delectable dishes. Fitting in decorative elements amongst the necessities can often be a challenge.  With the Turkey Butter Dish, at least one table necessity can also serve double-duty as decoration, making t easier to style your table as you set it for your next treasured family gathering.

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2 thoughts on “From Clay to Cast Metal: The Turkey Butter Dish

    1. Dolores D'annunzio

      please anybody, i would like to purchase this? i’m really desperate to own this particular butter dish.


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