How-To: Arrange Mini Bouquets in Our Wooden Terrarium

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Kiana, owner of Tulipina, a boutique San Francisco-area floral design studio (see more of her work here and here) recently experimented with adding some out-of-the-box floral arrangements to the Pottery Barn Wooden Terrarium. The results? As usual, gorgeous.




Kiana writes, “One might usually put some potted green plants or herbs in a terrarium, but I wanted to put together something that would work well both open and closed, and that would catch the eye with color even from the corner of a large room.”


For this arrangement, she chose chestnut, sweet pea, craspedia, begonia, blushing bride, and maidenhair fern for her small vessels. To learn how to re-create the look at your home and in your Pottery Barn terrarium, check out the full post here.

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