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This weekend, we were lucky enough to visit the amazing city of New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s easy to fall in love with such a charming city — great food, great people and some seriously beautiful homes. Read on to take a look at some of our favorite architectural styles from around the city, and learn more about the history behind these wonderful homes.

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Many of the homes in New Orleans were built on small, compact lots in shotgun or double Shotgun styles. Shotgun style houses are narrow, rectangular shaped houses with the rooms arranged one right behind another, with doors at either end of the house. Similar to row houses in the Northeast, these houses allowed for many homes to be built quickly and cheaply in high demand.

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The style is also well suited for hot climates, since the front and back doors allow a breeze to flow through the entire house. Both this home and the one above it are double shotgun houses, with two separate units combined into one structure.

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Like other parts of the Southern United States, many homes have a distinct influence of Greek Revival architecture. Most of these homes are wide, flat houses with full height porches and classic columns. While most associate this style with grand mansions and plantations, some elements were adapted on more typical, residential homes — like this one.

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The sky blue porch ceiling is a Southern tradition we’re particularly fond of, particularly since it’s become more common in other parts of the country. Historically, it’s believed to keep haints — restless and evil spirits — from entering the home. Others believed that it repels insects during the summer (a possible side affect from some old blue paints containing lye). We just like how it looks!

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Most of New Orleans’ double gallery homes can be found in the Garden District. These two-story houses are set on brick piers and often set further back from the street (so they have a front yard) than shotgun homes. There are two stories of galleries (balconies) supported by columns.

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This spacious house in the Garden District is a clear example of the double gallery style home, with its distinct wrought iron railings.

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Last but not least: the American townhouse. These narrow, 2 or 3 story structures are a more urban style in eclectic New Orleans architecture. Most of these are made of brick or stucco (like this townhouse turned restaurant on Magazine street) and often have a balcony on the second floor.

Tell us: What city’s architecture have you fallen in love with?



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