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  1. Adrianne Antczak

    Comment: To whom it may concern: I wanted to acknowledge your company of the wonderful experience I had in your Store @ Destiny Mall # 526 located in Syracuse, NY. I have to be honest never shopped in your store until one of my dearest friend registered her bridal shower. I was greeted by the most outgoing and happy sales associate by the name of “FRAN”. She was so attentive to my needs , that I was so impressed I opened a charge card for future business with your company. The best part she asked me to come back in 15 minutes and she will have the gifts wrapped and ready for the bridal shower. I was so impressed ! I can say after having this experience , you have new customer ! Hats off to “Fran”. Respectfully, Adrianne Antczak

  2. Penny Hawkins

    We are building a new home in Texas and I am in love with your CLARISSA GLASS DROP EXTRA-LONG RECTANGULAR CHANDELIER, however it is very hard making a decision without seeing it. Our dining room will be 15′ x 12′ ~ Is this chandelier large enough? I have read the recommendations for the size a chandelier should be but that recommendations seem to be for round ones (always talks about diameter). I need advice!

    Thank you!

    Penny Hawkins


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