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Chic Style for Adult and Kids’ Thanksgiving Table Decor

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Voila — it’s finished! Your Thanksgiving table is a visual masterpiece of garlands, candles and perfectly pressed table linens. When you’ve put this much work into your Thanksgiving table decor, you don’t want to let the kids’ table become an afterthought of plastic tablecloths and utensils. After reading your questions from our last Pottery Barn Live event, it’s clear that this is a common issue: How do you mesh adult and kids’ Thanksgiving tables?


We love how Megan Bailey of Sweet Little Peanut incorporated a single design style (with some of our favorite fall pieces) into her adult and kids’ Thanksgiving table decor for this year. It’s simple, chic and best of all — practical.


Take a look at her tips + more photos from Becky Kimball on the Pottery Barn Kids’ blog!

5 Dream Thanksgiving Table Decorating Tips from Camp Makery

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The holidays are here! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so we’re starting to design, dream and draw up our plans to decorate the perfect Thanksgiving table.

Luckily, our friends at Camp Makery have come up with a stunning solution: an elegant fall table using some of our favorite Thanksgiving decor.

Flowers: Juli Vaughn
Styling + Concept: Ashley Pepitone + Camp Makery
Photography: Haley Sheffield
Recipes + Food: Simply Catering

Pottery Barn featured favorites: Feather Stoneware Plates, Wishbone Napkin Rings, Harvest Hunter Plaid Table Runner, Lady Amhurst Feathers, Emma Serve Bowl


Get inspired by their amazing Thanksgiving table PLUS get stylist Ashley Pepitone’s top 5 Thanksgiving table decorating tips:



Candles, candles and more candles. “Even if you don’t have a formal dining room and are hosting at your kitchen table, candles always make a meal feel special,” Ashley says.



Make it personal. “Place cards are not only pretty and functional, but they add a personal touch for your guests. Think outside the box — here we used gold leafed mini pumpkins and tied satin ribbon to their stems after adding names to the ribbon with a gold paint pen.”



Prepare for last minute guests. “For extra seating, consider using an upholstered bench if you have one, rather than folding chairs or mismatched chairs from another room. It will look more intentional and you can fit more people on a bench.”



Give guests everything they’ll need. “I like to have each place setting done with everything they will need for the meal, from salad plates and soup bowls to dinner plates, wine glasses and water goblets.”



Make a statement. “ I decorated this table with one big statement arrangement in the center of the table. It will take up space, but I think it is worth having a beautiful floral arrangement on the table for guests’ arrival.”



PS: Need to save on space, but still want flowers? We love how floral designer Juli Vaughn decorated the space above the table, too. “If you have a chandelier, add some greenery and berries to it with floral wire and you will have beautiful décor even when there is no room on the table,” Ashley says.


Our Most Spooktacular Tips, Tricks & Treats for Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! We’re starting off our day with our most SPOOKTACULAR tips, tricks and treats for one of our favorite holidays. Get the scoop on how to make your Halloween full of ghostly spirit! Whether it’s an amazing DIY Evil Lab bar from Honestly Yum, or a delicious “bloody” tomato soup from Two of a Kind — you can find it all here. 


1. Halloween Gone Mad: Black, Silver and Green Halloween Decorating Ideas
2. Honestly Yum: Evil Drink Lab
3. The Dragon Flagon: Our Favorite Halloween Cocktail Recipe
4. 10 Tips for Setting Up a Candy Bar
4. Witches’ Brew: A Halloween Bar from Sweets & Celebrations
5. Interview with a Stylist: Get the Scoop on our Medieval Halloween Party
6. A Different Kind of Trick or Treat: Bloody Tomato Soup and Focaccia Fingers
7. How to Throw a Mad Scientist Halloween Party
8. Spooky & Chic Halloween Perfection

Halloween Gone Mad: Black, Silver and Green Halloween Decorating Ideas

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This month, the uber-talented Karson Butler Events and Laura Hooper Calligraphy teamed up to host a Halloween-inspired calligraphy workshop at Karson Butler’s beautiful studio in Washington DC. We love their unique Halloween decorating ideas!


The playful decorations (including our Mercury Pumpkins and Periodic Cocktail Platter) go beyond the standard orange and black palette. “Our color palette included blacks, silvers and green,” says Emily Butler. “We wanted to steer clear of traditional orange and do something a bit different.”


The best part about the mercury pumpkins they used? They work well all season long — Thanksgiving, almost up until Christmas! “We’re already planning an autumnal look of mixed metallics for our Thanksgiving table,” Emily says.


Stunning flowers and greenery from Victoria Clausen Florals, mixed with some strategically placed dry ice and beakers add the perfect finishing touch.

Take a look at all of the photos + get more tips + learn how to sign up for a calligraphy class yourself on Glitter Guide!

Vendor Credits
Event Planning & Design- Karson Butler Events
Calligraphy- Laura Hooper Calligraphy
Photography- Sweet Tea Photography
Floral – Victoria Clausen Floral
Wine – ONEHOPE Wine
Decor – Pottery Barn
Small Beakers, Purple Apothecary Bottles- Karson Butler Events
Rentals - Party Rental, LTD
Linens- DC Rental
Periodic TableTotebagsCoasters – Laura Hooper Calligraphy
Pies – Pie Sisters

The Dragon Flagon: Our Favorite Halloween Cocktail Recipes

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Skip the tricks on Halloween — this year, we plan on treating ourselves with one of our favorite Halloween cocktails made with George Dickel Tennessee Whisky. The Dragon Flagon is perfect for Halloween entertaining — thanks to its convenient drink dispenser proportions for our Dragon Drink Dispenser Stand.

Get the full recipe for one of our favorite Halloween cocktail (you can print it by saving to your desktop, too!) below:


10 Tips for Setting Up a Halloween Candy Bar

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To us, a Halloween candy bar is the perfect solution for your next spooky soiree. It’s easy on the eyes, gives everyone a little bit of everything (Chocolate AND gummies? Yes please!) and most importantly — is incredibly easy to set up, serve and take down.

Take a look at our top 10 tips for a successful Halloween candy bar set up.


1. Choose your containers carefully. Bigger jars mean you’ll have to buy more candy to make them look good. Choose containers that look tall for visual height, but don’t actually hold that much candy. Or prop a few up on pretty boxes.

2. Stick to your theme. Are you hosting a pumpkin carving contest with apple bobbing? Find traditional Halloween candies to fill your containers. If you’re aiming for a spookier vibe, we love these gummy body parts from Dylan’s Candy Bar.

3. Color is everything. Mix and match colors for visual interest — and don’t forget to match the theme of your party, too.

4. Calculate the amount of candy per guest. A good rule of thumb is estimating for ¼ to a ½ pound of candy per guest. Some guests will take much more, some will take less and some will take none at all — this amount allows everything to even out.

5. Make sure there’s something for everyone! Pick a variety of candy. Chocolates, sweets, hard candies, soft candies, sours, gummies and mints — you’ll want to have a little bit of everything for a truly successful candy bar.

6. Less is more. In this case, buy more less expensive candy to fill up large jars, and buy less more expensive candy to fill smaller jars. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save.

7. Take goodie bags into account. If you plan on allowing guests to take candy home in goodie bags, you’ll need to provide extra candy so no one ends up disappointed.

8. Choose cute containers for guests to take candies home. Classic paper bags tied with twine, colorful plastic bags, cute little Chinese takeout boxes or little mini metal buckets. Consider adding cookies and other goodies in there, too.

9. Keep serveware on hand. Make sure you have tongs and scoops nearby to pick candy and goodies up with ease (and avoid sticky fingers).

10. Keep it cool. Check the weather before picking out your candies — if it’s too hot, your perfectly shaped chocolate pumpkins might melt.

Witches’ Brew: A Halloween Bar from Sweets & Celebrations

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Double, double, toil and trouble! This festive and fun Halloween bar from Hannah Matthew of Sweets and Celebrations will give you the perfect excuse to whip up a tasty Witches’ Brew for your party. Take a look at this party planner’s how-to instructions and playful Halloween party tips so you can recreate this Halloween bar at home.


Halloween Bar How-To:

Wicked Wine: Sponge Mod Podge onto wine bottles and sprinkle with silver glitter. Wrap a black and white striped ribbon around the middle, tape on a label, and top each bottle with Pottery Barn’s Halloween Wine Bottle Topper.

Spooky Spider Shots: Garnish with a black and white paper straw that has been cut in half.

Pumpkin Punch: Rim each glass with orange sanding sugar and fill with mimosas. Finish with black and white paper straws.

Hocus Pocus Hot Chocolate: Rim each glass with black sanding sugar. Garnish with ghost marshmallow Peeps stuck onto black and white paper straws.


Hannah’s Halloween Party Tips:

A Halloween party is a great time to have fun with a theme and use whimsical names to label food and beverages.

 Little details like coordinating custom paper goods (like the ones I used here from the talented Paper and Cake) and garnishing barware make all the difference.

 If you’re serving food, offer a medley of fall flavors to set the tone like pumpkin, cinnamon and apple.

 Play up a classic color scheme like orange, black, white and silver.

Tell us: How are you celebrating Halloween this year?