The Inspired Room 5

On Our Radar This Month . . .

This month, we’re in love with Great Spaces!

The Inspired Room 2

8 thoughts on “On Our Radar This Month . . .

  1. Leanne

    Hi. I hear we have PB in Australia now. When I order something online will it come from the sydney shop or does it come straight from the US?

  2. Addy Hood

    Just received your April catalog and was surprised to see on page 137 that the American flag is improperly displayed. The field of blue with stars should always be in the left top corner. Hopefully, this will be corrected in future catalogs.l

  3. Beverly

    Is anyone else having a problem trying to mount the rustic wood wine bottle shelf to the wall? Evidently the bracket is upside down so it is impossible to hang the shelf and still put wine bottles on it. Have I received the only one that is upside down?

  4. Nancy Padjen

    I think Mechanicsburg PA and the surrounding area needs a Pottery Barn and I know where! There is a empty Borders Book Store next to a Bone Fish Grill and a Bon Ton department store with the Capital City Mall down the street. GREAT LOCATION FOR THE MUCH NEEDED STORE AND THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE TO SUPPORT POTTERY BARN SO COME ON OVER!


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