Big Trends for 2013 — Are You on Board?

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Recently, some of our Pottery Barn buyers headed to High Point Market in North Carolina to check out the best in furniture and decor. Along the way, they did a little trend spotting for us as well. Take a look at their list and let us know if you’re trying any of these trends in your home already.

  • Tufted upholstery and nailhead trims are trends that are still going strong
  • Light and muted furniture and fabric colors
  • White washed furniture
  • Metal and wood/industrial chic
  • Urban living- small spaces initiative
  • Sleek recliners
  • Leather and mixed material pillows
  • Accessory stitching on pillows
  • Block prints on wood
  • Contrast stitching on leather
  • Colored leather
  • When it comes to leather, gray is the new brown

How do you use these trends in your home? Are there any new ideas here you’d love to try?

Pictured above: the Pottery Barn Cardiff Tufted Armchair


2 thoughts on “Big Trends for 2013 — Are You on Board?

  1. Kate

    Gray is just another neutral. I do think there are so many different shades of grey that when pared with other colors say turquoise or cobalt it can bring life to a room. These colors are great for coastal decor. Gray and pink is really cute for a girls room also. Grey and taupe is very soothing. Gray can also be very sophisticated I think and go well with contemporary furnishings. Bright colors are in style right now. For me personally a little bit goes a long way but if I have a gray chair or settee at the end of my bed I can put bright colored pillows on it for now and when the trend changes It will be easy to find a color to replace them with .


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