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Decorating a bar requires a similar different approach to the rest of the home. There are the necessities (one’s liquor of choice, of course), and the playful elements of whimsy (Bulldog bottle openers and St. Bernard shotglasses, for example). But when it comes to the heavy duty, hardworking items, they need to be classic, sturdy and beautiful.


Our Library Barware (seen above) set certainly falls into the last category. These handsome glasses and decanters have a timeless element that works with any home’s décor.

photo 1[2]
Handmade in Turkey, these glasses are made in a factory in Denzli and then shipped to another location that specializes in hand-etching glassware.

photo 3
Each glass is measured and marked by hand. Then, using a grinding wheel, a skilled craftsperson looks through the glass and etches the opposite side to a specific depth

photo 6
Etches are made horizontally, then vertically.

photo 5
Each etch from the grinding wheel is hand polished using a polishing wheel.

photo 7[2]
The entire finishing, etching and polishing process takes about 30 minutes from start to finish per glass.

It’s a lot of work, but the attention to detail and precision results in a striking line of handmade barware.  And that’s what we’re all about — putting in the extra work so that your home can look as beautiful as possible.

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