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7 Easy Tips to Set the Stage For the Perfect Barbecue

Hosting a barbecue this coming weekend? Here are our favorite tips for setting the stage. Remember, keep it simple and easy so the party’s guests and food can truly shine!

  • For easy cleanup, use a paper tablecloth. We like to use a roll of kraft paper for our table. Just tape the paper to the underside of your table to secure.
  • For easy transportation of condiments, sides and more essential food items, use galvanized pieces, like this Galvanized Metal Medium Catch-All.


  • Grocery store or farmer’s market blooms are perfect for the table. If you want to go patriotic, try using red carnations, blue cornflowers and white hydrangeas, or a combination of all three.
  • To add a patriotic look to your table, try using red and white and blue and white striped straws. Or hang our Burlap Pendant Banner over the table.


  • To avoid messes, especially if kids are at your party, choose shatterproof melamine dishes.
  • Don’t forget to light your party so it can continue well into the night! Using a variety of string lights, lanterns and outdoor pendants will ensure the party lasts long after the sun sets.
  • And of course, don’t forget all of your grill essentials. Make a list and check it twice for briquettes, hardwood, a chimney, aluminum foil and tools.

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