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Set Your Table for Spring: Tips from Camille Styles

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We know — it still looks like winter outside. Will Spring ever get here? While we’re waiting for the sunshine to come back, we’ve started planning for Spring party season.

We talked to styling and entertaining expert Camille Styles to get the scoop on how to get our tabletops ready for Spring. Read on to get her top tips!

spring table

Keep it simple. “Sometimes simple is best. Set the table with a few pretty items, but don’t clutter it up with an abundance of candles or tchotchkes. A little restraint feels fresh and modern.”

Choose a menu that shows off nature’s beauty. “Spring menus are all about letting bright produce be the star of the show. I throw peas, asparagus and artichoke hearts into spring pasta dishes and frittatas, serve shortcakes piled high with sweetened berries and garnish cocktails with the fresh mint that’s starting to go wild in my herb garden.”


Take advantage of seasonal florals. “I love using a huge bunch of cherry blossom branches, grouped into an oversized glass jug to place on the center of my dining table. It’s the most dramatic centerpiece I have on my table all year and it’s also the simplest to arrange.”


Use natural materials. “Lightweight linen runners add a touch of polish, but still let the beautiful edges of a wood table show.”


Don’t let your fine china go to waste. “Don’t wait for a “special occasion” to break out your best things! I use linen napkins on the table almost every night, even if it’s just my husband and me, and it makes every night feel special. Life’s too short not to enjoy your favorite things on a daily basis!”


Make everything pretty — even the water! “For a dinner party, I infuse water with herbs and citrus slices— it looks beautiful on the table and tastes so refreshing.”


Use one unexpected element. “I love to bring a touch of the outdoors in by adorning each place setting with one surprising natural element like an herb sprig, seed pods or even an edible like a fresh radish or baby artichoke. Just place on top of each napkin and tuck the place card underneath for a gorgeous presentation.”

Weekly Roundup: 1/26- 1/31

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Whether you’re picking a new paint color, trying to find the right pillow combination for the sofa or need some serious help with your kitchen, Inside & Out has you covered this week. Learn how to choose a color palette for your home, get tips from top interior designers and more.

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10 Clever Ways to Use Baskets

Giveaway! Win a Love Pillow for Valentine’s Day



Giveaway! Win a Love Pillow for Valentine’s Day

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Can you believe it’s almost February? And that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This year, we’re giving away 10 of our red Love Pillows (Aren’t they great?) for you to gift to your sweetie — or yourself!


To enter for a chance to win, simply fill out the form below. Good luck!

PS: Keep an eye out for even more Valentine’s Day gift ideas, DIYs, party tips and giveaways soon!

See contest rules here. 

This contest is now closed. 

10 Clever Ways to Use Baskets

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January’s almost over, and for some of us, that means we have just a few days to get that organization resolution in order for 2014. As we’ve learned here at Pottery Barn, decluttering is the key to a successful reorganization project. Part of that means avoiding buying things just to store everything out of sight. Shoving everything into a gigantic plastic bin isn’t organizing — it’s hiding.

This year, we’re inspired to use baskets to keep our lives clean, controlled and free of chaos. They’re beautiful, sturdy and can hold virtually anything. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to use baskets in the home — you’d be surprised at how flexible this storage solution can be!


 A side table with storage. A lidded basket can store extra blankets and pillows for company, but hold magazines, books and a cup of tea next to your favorite reading chair, too.


Tabletop tray. A woven tray or even a basket lid can be put on top of a coffee table or console to hold mail, keys or displayed treasures.


Under an ottoman. Putting a tray on top of an ottoman makes a great, instant coffee table. But what about underneath? Shallow baskets can help store magazines and games without interrupting the piece’s look.


Keep table necessities handy. Whether you eat in the kitchen or at the dining room table, keep napkins, flatware and a few extra dishes handy with wire baskets that keep everything visible.


Store kitchen tools. Don’t just cram your kitchen tools into drawers — these much-loved utensils have a beauty all their own. Keep your must-haves out on display with crock baskets like these.


Make a style statement. Sometimes shelving just isn’t an option in a room. This living room made the most of a corner space by stacking lidded baskets in a pretty but utilitarian display that can store all living room necessities.


Take out the recycling. Stop hiding your recycling bin under the sink! A basket with wheels can hold paper recycling and make taking out the trash a breeze.


Under your bed. Get rid of those clear plastic bins under the bed and store your seasonal clothes in style. Shallow baskets with wheels pull in and out of underbed spaces with ease.


Store extra plates. When kitchen storage space is at a premium, some things have to be taken out of the cupboards. Round baskets allow spare plates to be stored on open shelving without worrying about dust or accidently swiping one off a shelf.


Put a plant on display. Give your favorite houseplant a worthy place to live — simply place its pot in a small basket, and take it out when it needs to be watered.

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Guest Post: How to Style Your Sofa

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Have you found your dream sofa? Or are you lusting after a new one? Even if you’ve discovered the perfect couch for your home, there’s more to making it fit in your home than just plunking it onto the carpet. Sofa styling can make just as much of a statement as the sofa itself!

Caitlin Moran, Editorial Director of The Glitter Guide, shared her style secrets for the perfect living room sofa set up with us. Take a look at her 5 tips below!


1. To give a sleek leather couch a touch of femininity, add metallic printed pillows and a cozy rug to warm up the modern furniture.


2. To create a room ideal for conversation, try two similar couches across from each other. This living room set up is perfect for the hostess who is always having friends over.


3. For color lovers, nothing makes a beautiful couch pop like lots of pillows. Easy to change and mix up, pillows are the easiest way to update your room and couch.


4. In a room with masculine details, like brick walls or a large fireplace and visible wood storage, a simple neutral couch with patterned pillows can bring a burst of femininity to the room.

caitlin6Image courtesy of The Glitter Guide

5. A cozy velvet couch in a rich jewel tone creates a luxurious look, but still is comfortable enough for lounging around.

Interior Designer Amanda Nisbet’s Top 10 Interior Decorating Tips

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It’s easy to get stuck in a decorating rut. You know what you like and what works — why mess with it? But mixing things up a bit is healthy: it adds interest and new life to your home. You’d be surprised at what a pop of color or extra light can bring to a room and your mood. But where to start? Amanda Nisbet, New York interior designer and our In the Spotlight designer this month, chatted with our Facebook fans yesterday to give them professional tips on how to bring new life into their homes. Take a look at her top 10 tips below.

Keep things balanced. “If you have a dark hardwood floor, avoid darker items on the floor. Use light upholstery, in sand colors and neutrals. If you’re up for buying furniture right now, Pottery Barn’s Clara Sofa has the best of both worlds, the tufted back has an old world look, but the clean lines give it a modern feel. Mix this up with a few heavier pieces to balance the room. Bring in color so it’s not so monochromatic. Kilims, chevrons and polka dots can add a pop of whimsy.”


Start small with color. “Accessories and pillows work well, but lamps are a great way to bring color into the room. I love the glass Pottery Barn Clift Lamps. For a softer look, the Alexis Lamp is wonderful.”

Don’t take things literally. “If you see a pitcher for milk, it can make a great flowerpot. A dessert bowl can hold nuts or jelly beans. Changing the purpose of an item keeps things interesting.”

amanda 2 robins q 2010

Use a single color in different tones.
“People used to think that would clash, but I think it’s a nice way to infuse color without seeming so jarring.  If you look at this picture (above), you’ll see that there are about 5 different blues in that room, and it looks great.”

Don’t stick to a single look. “Some people used to put each room together in different eras and styles. But that doesn’t really work unless you live in a museum, and now I don’t think anyone can afford to do that, which is why I think it’s great to mix and match styles. I like all the rooms in a house to have a little bit of everything. All good things to go together!”

round coffee table

Child safe rooms don’t have to compromise on style. “Don’t worry! You don’t need to use baby bumpers to have a great looking coffee table. Avoid glass tops and glass objects. Put books, baskets and non-breakables on top. Choose a good, heavy table that won’t flip over. The Caden Bench from Pottery Barn has soft edges and would be a great choice. Round is good for children too: I love Pottery Barn’s Round Woven Coffee Table and the Bamileke Carved Wood Coffee Table.”

Play with patterns. “I definitely like to mix fabrics. It makes it much more interesting and adds depth. As a rule of thumb, use one large scale pattern, one small scale pattern and one solid. That’s a nice mix.”

fireplacenook(Photo courtesy of Amanda Nisbet Designs)

Embrace awkward features, like a corner fireplace. “If you have a corner fireplace, I’d suggest making the corner it’s own little nook. Don’t put in a big imposing sofa that will cut off the room. Put in a nice wing chair, like Pottery Barn’s Thatcher Wing Chair and an ottoman to make it cozy.”

Don’t sacrifice beauty in small spaces. “You can get any look on a smaller scale! Look for a loveseat instead of a sofa. Pottery Barn offers a lot of their sofas in apartment-friendly sizes — a size for every space.”

Last but not least: “The most important advice I can give is to go with your instinct, trust your gut and don’t be scared. Buy what you love! If you buy what you love, it’ll all look good together.”




Guest Post: Picking a Color Palette for Your Home

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Interior designer and color expert Jennifer Ott walks us through how to choose a color palette for your home.
Selecting paint colors for the inside of your home can be one of the most daunting home design tasks to take on. This is because you have an almost limitless selection of colors to choose from, it can be tough trying to decide on the perfect hue. Another common challenge with picking paint colors is that, in our desire to select interesting or unusual hues, we often end up with colors that are “off” or downright garish. This doesn’t mean you should just give up and play it safe with white, however. Here are some simple tips for picking colors for your home.

Find inspiration around you. So with the numerous options available for paint color, how do you even begin the task of picking a color or colors? I recommend heading straight to your closet and taking stock of the color palette of your clothes. Scarves and bathing suits in particular come in fun colors and are therefore useful for determining one’s color preferences. Favorite works of art are another good source for clueing you in on colors you love. Those with boards on Pinterest can check for a common color among items pinned.
popofcolorGo big and bold. If you are a fan of big, bright and bold color, consider using it in ways that won’t overwhelm a space, such as via a small accent wall or textiles and decorative accessories. I typically advise clients to stick to neutral colors for materials or items that are expensive or difficult to change out, such as large pieces of furniture, flooring, etc., but then feel free to push the color limits for things that are more affordable to tweak every few years or so, such as paint, pillows, throws, and other accessories.jencolor2Neutral can still be interesting. Not everyone wants to be surrounded by vibrant color, and I take great pleasure in working with design clients who want to stay on the light, muted and neutral end of the spectrum, but who are also open to considering hues beyond the ubiquitous white and beige. Gray has become popular in home interiors, and what I like about gray is that there are so many different shades to choose from – from warm taupe-like grays, to cooler grays that veer toward green, blue or purple.

Keep in mind that “neutral” doesn’t have to mean light. A deep dark blue hue such as navy or indigo works well with many other colors — from all other neutrals, to more vibrant hues such as chartreuse, turquoise, or red raspberry.
jencolor3Pulling it all together. If you want to inject fun color into a space but are worried about taking it too far, think about using an analogous color scheme – in which you select colors that are next to one another on the color wheel, such as orange and yellow, or green and blue. You can mix together various tints (color + white), tones (color + gray), and shades (color + black) of each hue, but as long as you limit it to just the two analogous hues, along with neutrals, it will look colorful but reigned in and not too busy.

Another trick for a colorful yet harmonious interior is to select colors that are complementary to one another on the color wheel (blue and orange, green and red, or purple and yellow) but, for one of those hues, go with a darker or bolder color, and for the other one, go lighter or muted. This will give you fun, interesting color in a room while keeping it tasteful.

In the end, you should select colors that you love, regardless of the latest trends. Be open and on the lookout for color inspiration that is all around you and you will likely find your winning hue.



Weekly Roundup: 1/18-1/24

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January is almost over — can you believe it? To us, that means Spring is officially around the corner, and we’ve been making sure our homes feel as warm and welcoming as the season itself. Are you ready for warmer weather and blue skies? Start in your home, first. This week’s weekly roundup will help you get started on everything from prepping your front porch, to styling your coffee table, to working with our new Spring color palette.

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Your New Spring Color Palette from Sherwin Williams and Pottery Barn

Your New Spring Color Palette from Sherwin-Williams and Pottery Barn

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This year, we’re bringing new life to our homes with color. Whether it’s bold blues or soft neutrals, our new color palette of Sherwin-Williams colors refreshes and rejuvenates interiors just in time for Spring. It’s not hard to fall in love with these new colors, but what’s the best way to use them? We spoke to Jackie Jordan, Head of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams, who gave us her tips on how to use these colors at home.

sherwinwilliams3Q: How would you suggest bringing blues into the house?
A: Of all the hues, blue tops the chart as people’s favorite color whether it is navy blue, sky blue or anywhere in between. Bringing blue into a bedroom can create a sense of calm, as this hue is know for its soothing qualities. In a family room or game room I would also suggest a more dramatic tone like navy. Notes of red and white can bring a sense of Americana, or even a nautical feel, to the room depending on how you accessorize.

sherwinwilliams4Q: What types of neutral and warm colors work well with blues?
A: There are so many neutrals that work well with blue, but personally, I love using navy with crisp white for a fantastic seaside vibe. I also love using navy to create a more ethnic sensibility with Ikat and tribal prints.

Neutrals, ranging from khaki to beige, and even gray, pair well with blue, too. Think about the colors of natural baskets, driftwood and burlap.

To warm a blue hue, pair it with beautiful yellows, which also add a little country French aesthetic. Of course, red and navy is a classic, as well.
amandaproduct3Q: How would you suggest accenting with blues?
A: Blue also works well as an accent color in accessories, bedding, pillows and throws. Walls of gray, beige and white work nicely as a backdrop to blue accents.

Q: What colors in the new palette really feel like spring and summer to you, and why?
A: The colors in the new palette that feel like spring and summer to me are Cupola Yellow, Red Tomato, Naval and Extra White. These colors evoke sunshine, fresh vegetables, seashore vacations and white linens drifting in a warm breeze, an awakening from that winter slumber.

sherwinwilliams6Q: How would you use these colors in your home?
A: I would use Cupola Yellow in a kitchen accented with navy bowls and natural baskets filled with fresh summer tomatoes. To freshen up the outdoors I would add some navy and white pillows to my porch or sunroom creating a crisp, fresh energy.