Happy Flag Day! Some Fascinating Facts About Our Grand Old Flag (and How to Win a Flag Pillow For Your Home)

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Today marks Flag Day in the United States, a time to reflect on and celebrate the flag. As part of that process, we wanted to share some noted dates in history that pertain to the flag, as well as offer you the chance to win one of these American beauties. (We’re giving away 10 of the American Flag Lumbar Pillows in all.)



Here are five American flag dates in history that might intrigue you:

  • In May of 1776, Betsy Ross reported that she sewed the first American flag.
  • In 1795, the flag gained two more stars and stripes, thanks to the addition of the states of Kentucky and Vermont.
  • In 1820, the flag was up to 23 stars, (though the number of stripes returned to 13), thanks to the additions of several more states, including in that year the state of Maine.
  • Jumping ahead, in 1942 President Roosevelt passed the Federal Flag Code (36 U.S.C. 171 et seq.), which provides uniform guidelines for the display and respect shown to the flag.
  • The last star on the flag was added in in 1960, after Hawaii was added as a state on August 21, 1959.

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238 thoughts on “Happy Flag Day! Some Fascinating Facts About Our Grand Old Flag (and How to Win a Flag Pillow For Your Home)

  1. Katie

    I just recently bought my first house and this would just fit perfectly in my shabby chic retreat!!!! My grandfather was a veteran, and having this pillow in my home will continue to keep his presents felt by those who visit!!!

    Fingers crossed!!!

    Happy flag day and God Bless America!!!!

  2. Babs Dunaway

    I think that the American flag evokes so many feelings of loyalty and pride. There is nothing more beautiful than an American flag flying high in the wind!

  3. Denise Whittaker

    I absolutely love this pillow and would be so excited to win it! I love pottery barn and hope that you please pick me to win this beautiful item! My grandfathers, father, uncle, brother, and husband have all served our country and we will love this flag pillow :)

  4. Julie O'Brien

    Love this pillow not only because it is fantastic, but it represents the pride inside that I feel being an American!

  5. christine ramagnano

    I think the defenders of our flag know the importance of our flag. My husband is one of then.

  6. Jane Perry

    Today is U.S. Flag Day! My husband served as an officer in the Marine Corps. Our son is active duty Army. We pledge our allegiance to the flag!
    Thanks, Pottery Barn!

  7. Amber Ortiz

    I love and respect our country’s flag. I have a young son who I’m trying to teach to honor and respect our country rich and wonderful history.

  8. Andrea Lambert

    Love this pillow, a beautiful representation of our flag. But what else would one expect from PB!

  9. Kim Nachtigal

    Just want to say” I Love Pottery Barn”.This pillow would look so beautiful in my sons room since he is just left for Basic Training to Fort Bennings, GA.He is only 17 and will be having his 18th birthday in July what a great gift to give him. He is in the Army National Guard and such a proud mom I am of him for serving our country.

  10. Melanie granger

    I think it’s fantastic. My husband is a veteran and its my birthday today!! Born June 14,1988!!

  11. cindy ogorman

    I think that pillow I just beautiful I have my hole house decorated with American flags and red white and blue things. I would love to add this to my collection.Your things are so beautiful.

    thank you cindy

  12. Arlene Francis

    First of all, our Flag is one of the most sacred and precious piece of our United States. A visual and tangible representation of our free land. The pillow in itself does not under value the symbol of out Flag but it actually reminds us of it’s beauty and awesomeness! the U.S. Flag is different than other nations. The value and it’s importance can be summed up by Team Caption Martin Sheridan’s quote “…this Flag dips to no earthly King…”

  13. Melissa Parker

    I love the 4th of July celebration, and all that it stands for. We have a huge celebration every year at our house!

  14. Erin Kaven

    Love the pillow and since today (FLAG DAY) is my birthday, I’m crossing my fingers to win. thanks.

  15. Joanna Sparacino

    I love this pillow! It is perfect for me as I love patriotic decor and would be a great addition to my couch.

  16. Denise Soloko

    I love this pillow and hope I win.
    I’m a very patriotic person and appreciate all of out service men and women.

  17. Jody Blazer

    I think the American flag is a wonderful sign of how proud you are of your country! and what better way to show your patriotism then to display this stunning pillow inside while your flag flys high on the side of your house!!! I LOVE this pillow!!!!

  18. Loni Cinoski

    Our American flag is part of all of our summer celebrations – from Memorial Day in May…to Flag Day in June, Independence Day in July…to our big house party in August…and finally, Labor Day in September! Our house is decked out in red, white, & blue baskets, flowers, wreaths, candles, pillows, door mats, towels, pot holders, etc. This pillow would be an awesome addition to our collection.

  19. Stefanie Davis

    I love Pottery Barn… All the styles are gorgeous! I want jump inside the catalog & live in it!

  20. Amy Crisp

    God Bless America. Thank you, Pottery Barn, for continuing to honor our Country and for sharing our greatest treasure – the U.S. Flag.

  21. Joy Petersen

    Love the flag pillow. I’m decorating my cottage in red, white & blue. This pillow would fit perfect with my décor!

  22. Linda D Shaw

    I so LOVE being an AMERICAN! I have never taken any of our FREEDOMS for granted. We are really a Gods SPECIAL country!!!

  23. Emily

    As a veteran of theUnited States Navy the flag symbolizes the freedom I fought for and the safety I hoped to provide for my daughter while I was deployed from her.

  24. Rejean Jaksich

    I love the month of July, especially with my beautiful front porch to decorate with the Americana theme……this pillow will look great on the white swing.

  25. ivan

    What I think is that I would love to have this flag pillow as I camp in Maritime Canada this summer and fall.

  26. Janet Dunn

    Absolutely beautiful and would be lovely with other Americana items I use from Memorial Day until mid-August. I would love to own this pillow!!!

  27. Rejean Jaksich

    I love summer from flag day thru the month of July. I decorate my front porch Americana theme. This pillow will look great on my white swing.

  28. Elizabeth Eakes

    The flag was such a great symbol of freedom and pride in the USA when I grew up in the late 50’s, 60’s and even the wild 70’s still had American pride. Not so much anymore with our youth. With the open door policy in the USA now and taking prayer and the pledge out of schools the children don’t have the same sense of pride we had. Such a shame. The flag has such a loving pride behind it. A craft, a creative side that still means something to me. Happy Flag Day!

  29. Gloriana Hansen

    Happy Flag Day America and all the United States veterans, past and present, who have served to protect the flag and everything is stands for…
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave ~ ~ ~
    O’er the land of the freeeeeeee….and the home of the brave !!! :0)

  30. Pamela Lackey

    My dad is a Marine, he bought me a Marine hat for Christmas, it is my favorite! I wear it in honor of him and all those serving our country! I would love to have that American Flag pillow to put in my home and have it in the chair that my dad sits in, just for him!”

  31. Patti

    I LOVE this pillow – I have a bedroom that is dedicated to America – nostalgia! Love Love Love red white & blue – I had an Uncle who served in the Navy whose birthday was on Flag Day! He was the most patriotic person I have ever known! This pillow would be another beautiful dedication to him & his service to us all! Thank you for the opportunity! :-) I salute you!

  32. Kim Schutt

    Have a total bedroom done in Americana theme: bedding, throw, other décor.
    Pillow would look great!

  33. Lorinda

    Really PB? An IMPORTED item to celebrate Flag day? I know it’s not a real flag but as a military member, I honor the flag too much to use it as a lounge pillow. Disrespectful in my book.

  34. Brandy

    Happy Flag Day to all & God Bless America! I’m proud to be an American. Love this cute pillow & the American Flag.

  35. Judy Stahl

    The flag pillow is great and I love what it stands for. Being a wife of a retired Army Staff-Sargent, it touches right at home. We are a very patriotic family.

  36. Amity Amacker

    It would be a great accent to our home! My husband was in the Army and Navy so I think he might think this is the best thing I’ve ever got from Pottery Barn.

  37. Robin

    This would look awesome in my Red, White and Blue living room. I have many kinds of American flags, in all different forms, in my entry way also. This would make a great addition.

  38. Elaine Walton

    We came to the USA for two years with my husband’s job, that was 22 years ago yesterday! We have lived in three States and have travelled extensively since we have been here, something we would never have been able to do had we still lived in the UK. We have two American grandchildren and our children are spread over four States and three countries!. We still love our homeland but the USA is where we now call home.

  39. Mirta Luaces

    Love the flag pillow, being the mother of 2 Army veterans, would very proudly display in my home. We always put the flag out, especially on patriotic days.

  40. Cheryl

    I love the red white and blue! Proud of my military vet. Husband for serving his 24 yrs of service! These pariotic colors should be displayed all year!

  41. Yvonne Kelley

    Love it! It serves many purposes. Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, my husband’s birthday (July 4th)..etc. Would love to have it!

  42. Linda

    When I am shopping in Pottery Barn it feels very Americana. I love the table settings with the holiday themes. The cozy fresh looks of the furniture and all the options provided to make a house a home here in America. I absolutely love it since I am a child and sibling of 2 veterans, I am proud to be an American and would love this pillow since I love America and I love Pottery Barn!!

  43. Lindsey Jo Stewart

    This is a beautiful reminder of all it stands for, and I’m so very proud of my husband who is currently serving under the flag! Thank you for the chance! It’s beautiful! :)

  44. Colleen

    My family has served this country for every generation since the American Revolution. So proud and happy to be from the USA.

  45. Judith L Behm

    I had two uncles, one in the Marines, and the other in the Army during World War two. They never really talked about the happenings, but I can understand why. My husband was stationed in Hawaii for two years in the late fifties, and my son-in-law has been in the Army for almost 25 years and continues serving. We are so proud of those in our family that have served, and one that is still serving. God Bless America!

  46. Rhonda Bigelow

    My Son just joined the Army – leaves for boot camp in August. I would love to show my pride with this PB pillow! P.S. I’m addicted to PB pillows! I have so many I change out for very season. Just when I think you can’t come out w/a new one I need, of course you do:-)! I also get many complements on them!

  47. Lana Torre

    Today is my birthday and my sister’s birthday too. We were born on the same day eight years apart. We just got back from our annual birthday lunch, wearing our red, white and blue. Funny, when you are born on Flag Day, somehow the feeling od patriotism is innate!

  48. Robin

    My dad was a 25 year career Navy, my brothers and sister followed suit. I salute all those that have served and still serve today!!!

  49. Jennifer

    Love this flag pillow. I fly a flag at our house every day and am proud to be an American. This flag pillow would be proudly displayed in my front room if I won it.

  50. Damaris L. Falcon

    As a former infantry wife, I love most tasteful but respectful (of flag protocol) usages of our flag. This is a very well done piece any of us would be lucky to display in our homes! Well done PB, well done!

  51. LeeAnn Rodriguez

    Love, love, love this pillow. Have the perfect spot picked out on my living room sofa for it.

  52. Phyllis Utterback

    It would go perfectly with my Pottery Barn Flag Quilt!!!!!!!!!!
    I can never have enough pillows!!!!!!!!

  53. Kathy Walsh

    Love the Pottery Barn pillow and it would go perfect on my Pottery Barn sofa…When I walk into Pottery Barn I take a deep breath and just start looking around… every thing is so beautiful, it just makes me feel so good just to look at everything in the store.

  54. Lisa Eyler

    I think flag day is for us to remember how the united states came together after the war with all of our patriotic colors since we are truly americans! Happy Flag Day everyone and in just a couple of weeks we have the fourth of july :)

  55. Lori

    My 19 year old son is currently serving in Afghanistan for our freedom…the American flag is a true symbol of our freedom. I would love to have one of these for my front porch!

  56. Laura

    Love it! We’re a patriotic family. My husband and I are/were both Air Force (he’s at 30+ years and counting…), my birthday is Memorial Day, our wedding was a 4th of July event, and our house is decorated in red/white/blue. This would be a great addition!

  57. debbie

    It would lift my spirits and make me feel pretty lucky if I won. Would look really nice in my home and I would always remember where it came from. Would also use it as an opportunity to teach my daughter some American History.

  58. Vicky Stauffer

    Beautiful! I’m slowly moving the color scheme to red, white and blue in my house, 3 rooms to go and this would be the perfect addition.

  59. Christina Mayberry

    The pillow captures the American spirit from color and symbols, to the art form of quilting. During the war, quilts brought our soldiers warmth and comfort in the fields and raised money for the war efforts. A perfect pillow to celebrate the USA!

  60. Frances Kay Connelly

    I am a big collector of Americana, especially Flag related & Uncle Sams. I so appreciate the opportunity to enter this contest. PB never fails to amaze me.

  61. Rebecca

    I truly love this pillow and decorating patriotically. It is a great reminder of how blessed we are to live in One Nation Under God.

  62. Cynthia Gagliardi

    My birthday is Flag Day, and my Father’s, too, so it always has a special place in my life!

  63. Chrissy Eismann

    Love this pillow!!!! Perfect any time of year and especially for fourth of July this year. Given that we’re in Colorado not sure we will get to see any fireworks this year. :(

  64. Meghan

    I’m feeling more patriotic than ever with my daughter in the Marines and her husband in Afghanistan! Love this pillow!

  65. Karen

    Would proudly display this beautiful American pillow in my house in honor of every single American.. God bless the USA!


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