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  1. MJ Walden

    I had the most wonderful experience at store #834 in Leawood, KS. The dock manager went way beyond her job description in helping me with a piece I ordered. Thank you, Susan. I will be back many times I am sure!

  2. debi

    I would like to know where the super special on decorative pillows are… sale didn’t have them neither did the pillow section. What is this bait and switch or false advertising? Prices a bit high too.

  3. Irene Sinclair

    I am trying to place an order on line. The items I chose state, free shipping, yet when I am ready to pay and check out there is a $10.00 shipping charge, please explain.Sincerely, Irene Sinclair

  4. Cindy Voutour

    I’m looking for a mirror that I saw on Pinterest. It’s called the Seastar mirror, but when I asked at your store no one could find it.

  5. Grace Hanrahan

    I was at your sidewalk sale in Riverhead this weekend. Once again, you had great buys. The main problem was you could not get to them. There were too many women there that had 3 or 4 carts and were taking all the items and just dumping them into these carts. These people are E-bay and flea-market sellers and it is not fair to customers who wish to purchase for their own use. One obnoxious woman was grabbing the items before the salesgirl could get it out of the box. Many regular shoppers could not believe what was happening. This is not something new, I have seen it before on other occasions.
    Sale items should be limited as to number of items that can be purchased. This way all shoppers would be able to take advantage of your great sales. I beleive that you used to limit purchases and I wish you would go back to that practice.

  6. Trish

    I’m looking for a specific slipcover – if I can buy a sofa with the slipcover I want on line then why can’t I buy just the slipcover on line? For physical reasons, getting to a store is not an option.

  7. joan manuel

    In 1998 Pottery Barn catalogue offered a Christmas patchwork quilt. I am wondering if anyone has that quilt and would be interested in selling it.

    1. Peggy Lucey

      I was told by Pottery Barn to send you an email as I’m not able to find a DIY that was advertised in the Aug 2015 Pottery Barn catalog. On page 158 there are 2 glass terrariums. At the bottom of the page it directs you to go to blog.potterybarn.com to get tips on how to make these terrariums.
      Pleas let me know how I find this information. I looked on the blog but couldn’t find it.


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