A Pottery Barn Christmas Tree With All the Trimmings

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It’s hard not to gush over a Pottery Barn Christmas tree. Whether it’s in the magazine or in the store, they’re always festive, fun and styled to perfection. But how can you get the same look in your home?

treefinal copy

Some of our best tree-trimming experts are actually found right in your local store. After a couple Christmas seasons at Pottery Barn, they’ve learned the ins and outs of how to make a Christmas tree look perfect. This year, as an extension of our complimentary in-home Design Services, a group of team members from our Burlingame, California store designed a beautiful Pottery Barn Christmas tree at a nearby home.

Read on to see just how they did it, and their tips and tricks for getting the same look in your home.

IMG_9035 copy
The team brought  all of the homeowner’s purchased supplies and decorations — including one of our Faux Blue Spruce Lighted Trees — to the house.

IMG_9026 copy
All of the team’s in-store techniques came into play. Fishing line, green gardening wire, pliers and twine were must-haves to create a successful Christmas tree design.

IMG_9024 copy
The team brought in metallic Pottery Barn ornaments in all shapes and sizes to work around the chosen gold and white color palette.

IMG_9030 copy
Green gardening wire blends into the tree and helps keep the twig garlands and accents in place.

IMG_9070 copy
Our Eiffel Tower Tree Topper fit the tree’s theme perfectly. Plus, the extra-wide base ensures that it’ll stand sturdily at the top of the tree.

IMG_9072 copy
In-store, most of the trees are loaded up with quite a few ornaments for a full look. While the team aimed to use a little less décor for this in-home tree, they still suggest trying to hang something on almost every branch. When it comes to a beautiful Christmas tree, more is more.

IMG_9073 copy

Fishing line helps keep the bigger Woodland Creatures (including the Hedgehog in this photo) in place.  While most of the ornaments come with metal hooks, this team used twine instead for a rustic touch.

The home’s resident black cat, Tacos, was a big fan of our cozy Faux Fur Tree Skirt.

IMG_9062 copy
Of course, the kids loved it too!

IMG_9078 copy
Special thanks to Catherine, Ashley, and Kevin from the Pottery Barn Burlingame store! 

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