A Dog-Friendly Sun Porch Fit For All Members of This Family

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We’re happy to share this gorgeous post from Lindsay at The Milkweed Pods blog. Lindsay, a high school art teacher and artist, is passionate about decorating, flea marketing and creating beauty in her world. She lives in the Midwest in an American traditional-style home built in 1938, with her husband and three dogs. We caught up with Lindsay to learn more about her decorating style as well as her lovely and dog-friendly sun porch.

How do you use this space?

“The Pooch Porch is the sun porch located at the back of my home. It is the perfect spot for the three dogs to lounge in the sun and stare out the windows, while watching squirrels and chipmunks in the backyard.”

 Your dogs are adorable! Can you tell us a little more about them?

“I have three little, black dogs that love attention! When we are on walks people always ask if they are related, but they are actually mixes of different breeds. Pepper is eight years old and is a Yorkie-Shih Tzu mix. She is the boss in the house. Bruce is the smallest and is a Poodle-Shih Tzu mix. He loves lying in the sun and barking at anything that walks in his view. Clarence is the largest of the three and is a Scottie- Schnauzer mix. He is the most shy of the three dogs around people, but loves making new dog friends. We love to see their heads pop up on the Pooch Porch couch with excitement when we arrive home!”

How do you maintain such a beautiful and tidy home as a pet owner? Any tips or tricks?

“Having three dogs does require more cleaning, but it is totally worth it! In the Pooch Porch I installed vinyl plank flooring, which is a cheaper alternative to hardwood or laminate, and is a really durable solution for pets. When they spill or drip water, you can just wipe it right up, no problem. I try to buy fabrics that can be easily washed, like Pottery Barn pillow covers for the couch and dog bed covers. I also try to layer surfaces. For example, I will buy a twin-sized Pottery Barn quilt and use it for a coverlet for myself while I am lounging around and also use it to help protect my furniture from the dogs. The quilt can easily be thrown into the laundry when it gets dirty, and with three dogs it gets dirty frequently!”

How would you describe your home decorating style?

“I would probably use the term ‘modern country’ to describe my style. I like a neutral palette, layering textures and patterns, and using pieces that can provide multiple functions. My home is very relaxed and lived-in with objects and furnishings that tell a story or have meaning. I am an artist, so my walls are full of my artwork or the artwork of my close friends. Because I have been an artist longer than a homeowner, I typically start a room with artwork and then build around it. Plants and nature heavily influence my artwork and my decorating. I love to go antiquing and to flea markets, and I find joy in reusing and recycling old things.”

What Pottery Barn products have you used in this space?

“The Pottery Barn piece that makes the Pooch Porch so functional is the Sawyer Console Table. I love the rustic look! It is the perfect size for our dog food bowls to fit underneath so they are somewhat hidden and out of the way. I adore the extra deep drawers that provide tons of storage. The console is a great landing spot for the day-to-day workings of a home, and it provides a beautiful space for holiday decorating, as well as serving as a buffet for entertaining; it is a truly multi-functional piece.

I use Pottery Barn pillows that I rotate seasonally (I love how they are machine-washable) and have a Pottery Barn Persian-style rug that is a wonderful neutral color that goes with everything and has held up beautifully for years.

Under the dog bowls, I have Pottery Barn cork-backed place mats that are easy to wipe off when the dogs spill a little water.

I adore the Pottery Barn vintage dog food container that I have in the Pooch Porch; it blends perfectly with the antique ceramic crock I use to store dog toys. Right after I purchased the PB food container, my dad was visiting and he couldn’t believe it was a lightweight reproduction because it looked so authentic! I also love that it comes with a heavy wooden lid and scoop as well.

I use Pottery Barn quilts in the porch and throughout my home to add color and warmth.

The Pottery Barn tabletop photo carousel is a great way to display photos that can be easily changed. Being an artist/art teacher, I also use it to store postcards and little artworks!”

Why do you think this space works so well?

“The Pooch Porch is a wonderful and relaxing place for the dogs to soak up some sun and relax while looking out at nature. Because the space has durable floors, a neutral color scheme, washable PB linens and practical storage solutions, it is a very functional and welcoming space.”

3 thoughts on “A Dog-Friendly Sun Porch Fit For All Members of This Family

  1. stacia

    being a midwest girl i love a warm home look in the winter and you have achieved that feeling. i’m next door in chicago. can you tell me which pottery barn quilt you are showing on the sofa with the 3 dogs? i also buy twins and use them as throws but i cannot figure out which one you are showing.

    love how faded out it looks. my colors are very calm and i use a lot of cream and whites with a little touch of tans.

    those pups are great.

    thanks so much

    1. Lindsay

      Hi Stacia!
      Thank you for the nice comments! I purchased the quilt in 2011, it is the Stella Kalamkari Patchwork Quilt. Because it uses several different patterns, it can look totally different depending on how it is folded.
      Thank you!


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