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An Italian Adventure: Florence

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Have you dreamed about hopping a plane to Italy and then exploring the countryside in a Fiat? That’s exactly what one of our Pottery Barn merchants did, and Millie’s graciously sharing her photos, tips and trip highlights in our four-part series, An Italian Adventure. Today, we’re tagging along with Millie on her day in Florence.



“My first glimpse of the Duomo! Brunelleschi’s dome is the signature view of Florence’s skyline. Spotting this 500+ year-old feat of engineering strikes you with awe.”



“Anywhere I travel, I always make a stop in the central market. Florence’s market is a great place to see what goes into some of Italy’s most delicious food — and have some, too. The food stalls here are great for lunch!”



“Recommended by a local friend for a classic Bistek Fiorentina, Cammillo Trattoria did not disappoint.”



“Souvenir shopping in Florence. I brought back a pair of bright green leather gloves! Madova has been doing one thing incredibly well since 1919 — making fantastic leather gloves. The classic styles are updated each year with fun new colors. I like to think that Pottery Barn does the same thing with our classics, like the Textured Linen Pillow, PB Classic Towels, and Cambria Dinnerware.”



“Everywhere you look in Florence provides inspiration. You are enveloped by beauty, surrounded by works of art from the greatest masters of all time  in the architecture of the buildings and frescos in the churches. All of this inspires some of the most impressive chalk drawings i’ve ever seen.”



Make sure to check back tomorrow to see where Millie’s traveling to next!

Behind the Design: Snakes and Skulls, Oh My!

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Yesterday, we took a field trip across the hall at Pottery Barn HQ to visit with some of the talented in-house artists that create Pottery Barn’s incredible textile designs. These artists gave us a very seasonal peek at some of their latest creations.


Do you recognize the products that were inspired by the designs? We love how the artists’ creative vision was translated into a wide variety of products, from table runners to pillows. Click through the slideshow to shop for another original artistic creation from Pottery Barn.

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Incredible, Inspirational Pumpkin Designs

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We love to add a new twist on traditional fall pumpkin decorating, which is why we’re so thrilled with the in the new issue of Sweet Paul Magazine.


Crafter Dietlind Wolf used a hammer and cookie cutters to  create cut-out patterns in her pumpkin, then secured pieces with small bamboo skewers and toothpicks.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 1.55.35 PM


Paul Lowe, Editor-in-Chief at Sweet Paul, covered his whole pumpkin with stamps from the Brimfield Flea Market.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 1.55.04 PM






Crafter Jim Noonan used glue and glitter to create his sparkling pumpkin.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 1.55.52 PM



Craft Editor Lova Blavarg made a V-shaped cut in her pumpkin and placed the top of an old purse in the hole. She then secured the chocolate money in place with a glue gun.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 1.56.03 PM


See more incredibly crafted pumpkins on Sweet Paul!


Photography by Colin Cooke

Emily & Meritt For PBTeen Launches Today — We’re in Love!

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The new Emily & Meritt Collection for Pottery Barn Teen has us swooning.

FA13_sp67_mainmodel_dm 13 5[1] copy

Whether you have a teenage girl in your home or not, there are definitely pieces from this collection that will work for any home. We’d recommend the Needlepoint Ship Pillow for a preppy guy’s bachelor pad, the absolutely exquisite Wardrobe Rack for your vintage-loving best girlfriend, and that cool Denim Chaise Lounge for . . . absolutely anyone!

For our current favorites from the collection, click each photo below.

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Design Destination: Stockholm, Sweden

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We’re excited to present a story from the new Fall issue of Sweet Paul! In the story Northern Delights, Will Taylor explores the architecture and design in Stockholm, Sweden. You can read more of the story in Sweet Paul’s Fall issue.



Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 3.17.40 PM


I’d heard the city described as the Venice of the North for many years, yet when I stepped off the Arlanda Express train from the airport, I was still taken aback by its beauty. The cool and crisp air and a light dusting of snow were the only reminders of the chilly season as the sun was shining in a deceptively bright manner across a vivid blue sky.

Stockholm has a distinctly maritime feel thanks to its largely waterside location, which affords the city a laidback, refreshing, and surprisingly calm vibe for such a cosmopolitan destination. Unlike many of its southern European counterparts, Stockholm offered a urban vacation that left me feeling both inspired and relaxed by the end of my trip: there’s a generous offering of museums, galleries, restaurants, bars, and shops to explore yet everything is relatively compact, making it easy to explore on foot. Another benefit? I didn’t have to recreate scenes of elbowing my way through tourists as I’ve done in places like London and Florence; Stockholm is quite the opposite, especially outside of the busier summer season. I was able to leisurely explore the quiet cobbled sidewalks of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) and climb the hills of the Sodermalm in order to take in the stunning views of the Stockholm skyline. And all this in relative peace and quiet.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 3.16.44 PM


On my first morning in the city I took a stroll from my hotel, Scandic Grand Central, across the water and into the Old Town. Although I live in Britain where there’s an abundance of history to devour, I was still excited to explore the original part of Stockholm—the part that was founded during the 13th century. As I walked the district’s narrow streets I found it hard not to imagine the footprints left by those who would’ve paced the very same streets in centuries gone by. Nowadays there are around 3,000 people living in the Old Town and most of the buildings date back to the 17th and 18th century—the dominant building is the King’s Castle. It was clear that this area of the city is popular with tourists, as one or two of the main thoroughfares were littered with tacky souvenir shops, but don’t let this deter you from the quaint discoveries that lie a little off the beaten bath.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 3.17.03 PM

Almost as if it’s the antithesis to the quiet and quaint moments offered by the Old Town, the Sodermalm district gifted me a trendy, hip, and unique experience. It’s the place to visit for an eclectic mix of unusual, contemporary boutiques for fashion, design, and interior décor. I found that the product assortment (and the clientele!) in the stores on the Sodermalm tended to be trendier, younger, and more bohemian than in the downtown part of the city. It’s well worth setting side a day or two to be able to make the most of the diverse district at leisure. I enjoyed dipping in and out of the small boutiques; both Gotgatan and SoFo—the area south of Folkungagatan—are now a varied scene for daring and unexpected designs, not to mention a strong offering of vintage merchandise. If you enjoy people watching then pull up a chair outside a café and watch the myriad of fashion and design mavens going about their daily business. I wiled away an hour or two doing just this in Café String in SoFo—a charming place that’s decorated with vintage ‘50s and ‘60s designs (all of which are for sale, so you can buy your teacup or chair as a souvenir).

Afterwards, I walked to Hornsgatspuckeln and spent the afternoon exploring the galleries in the area. One of the most noteworthy was The Glassery, which is completely devoted to glass as an art form and shows work by independent glass artists from across the world.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 3.18.07 PM
As I walked back to my hotel down the hills of the Sodermalm I basked in view of the sunset. The city had already proved itself to be sophisticated and stylish at every turn. I smiled to myself as I thought how even the Stolkholm sunsets appeared to be designed to aesthetic perfection.

Discover Will’s restaurant and hotel recommendations when you read the rest of the story in Sweet Paul!

Photography by Will Taylor

Laura’s Fall Decorating Vignettes

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We’re ready for fall decorating — the more pumpkins, pinecones and early autumn florals the better. Laura Trevey at Bright, Bold and Beautiful shares our sentiment. She recently posted some great tips on creating autumn vignettes, and is contributing some of her tips and ideas to the blog today.

For this vignette, Laura used our Chevron Tray and Punched Ceramic Lanterns, which are currently sold out (try this one instead).

Pottery Barn Chevron Tray

Why did you choose these lanterns and tray?

“I love using trays to protect my table tops and this gorgeous Pottery Barn chevron tray is also a handsome statement piece. When I am creating vignettes, I group objects together with different heights. My Pottery Barn lanterns were the perfect choice for height and color.”


Fall Arrangement with Seedum Pinecones and Mason Jars

What fall foliage is your favorite for fall decorating?

“I hardly ever purchase foliage for centerpiece arrangements and festive vignettes. I can usually find everything I need right in my backyard. For early fall, I just love these pastel rose colored sedum blooms. As we head into Winter, I incorporate more magnolia leaves, holly leaves and berries, and I love red nandina berries, too.”

Autumn Vignettes

What advice could you offer for creating pretty, easy vignettes for fall?

“Use what you have. Have fun experimenting with different shaped objects. If you need more height, place one grouping on top of a stack of pretty coffee table books or magazines.”

Make sure to read more of Laura’s posts on her site,  Bright, Bold and Beautiful.

Photos courtesy Laura Trevey