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Say Goodbye to the Iconic VW Bus & Hello to One of Our Van Ornaments With This Giveaway

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It’s so sad to say goodbye, but that’s what we have to do with the iconic VW Bus.

According to NPR, “Brazil is the last place in the world still producing the iconic vehicle, or ‘bus’ as it’s known by aficionados, but VW says production will end Dec. 31. Safety regulations mandate that every vehicle in Brazil must have air bags and anti-lock braking systems starting in 2014, and the company says it cannot change production to meet the law.”

And while we may have to bid adieu to seeing new VW Bus vans on the road, we can certainly see them on our holiday trees, thanks to our Van With Packages Ornament.

For a chance to win 1 of 10 of these ornaments, just fill out the form below! (Official rules here.)

Thank you for reading, this contest is now closed.

An Italian Adventure: Exploring Small Towns and Farms in Tuscany

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Have you dreamed about hopping a plane to Italy and then exploring the countryside in a Fiat? That’s exactly what one of our Pottery Barn merchants did, and Millie’s graciously sharing her photos, tips and trip highlights in our four-part series, An Italian Adventure. Today, Millie’s exploring some of the small towns and farms around Tuscany.


“The Tuscan cypress trees complemented the architecture and landscape perfectly.”



“This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. I love the mix of lavendar and cypress trees  next to these historic buildings.”




“The view from our Brunello tasting was stunning.”



“I adored the hand painted signage in UNESCO World Heritage Site towns San Quirico D’orcia and Pienza. I love the scale of these  signs — they are great inspiration for our wall art collection!”