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Behind the Design: Isabella Dinnerware

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Ever wonder what inspired the design of some of your favorite Pottery Barn products? In our Behind the Design series of posts, we talk with Pottery Barn designers to learn how they were inspired to create Pottery Barn pieces. You can read all of the posts in the Behind the Design series here. Today, we’re learning more about the Isabella Dinnerware.



We asked Pottery Barn’s tabletop designer, Tony, about the unique look of these beautiful pieces. He told us, “The reason why I love the Isabella dishes is that this is a product that is truly touched by hand. Each of the plates is handmade in Portugal in an area where ceramics have been made for hundreds and hundreds of years. Each piece is hand dipped and glazed, so even the subtle differences in the plates add to the charm of the pieces. Every range and temperature that happens in the firing of the product adds a little to the reactive glaze. The glaze itself reacts to subtle differences in heat and adds a slight variation that’s truly artisanal.”




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