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Behind the Design: The Art Nouveau Roots of Our Peacock Salad Plates

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Ever wonder what inspired the design of some of your favorite Pottery Barn products? In our Behind the Design series of posts, we talk with Pottery Barn designers to learn how they were inspired to create Pottery Barn pieces. You can read all of the posts in the Behind the Design series here. Today, we’re learning more about the Peacock Porcelain Salad Plates.


Made of porcelain with an on-glaze decal, these plates are sold as a set of four and are microwave- and dishwasher-safe. We think they’d add a great layer of pattern to the Great White dishes set.

We chatted with Pottery Barn tabletop designer Tony to learn more about the history of this lush imagery. Tony told us, “The peacock is a replication of a portion an old art nouveau decorator fabric. It is English and the pattern most likely dates back to about the 1890s.”

Interested in learning more about art nouveau design? We recommend checking out the book Art Nouveau: Revolution in Interior Design by Rossana Bossaglia.