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Win It! Our New Taste Series

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Have you ever wondered how to pronounce Schott Zwiesel? We checked in with a native German speaker friend of ours to get the best phonetic pronunciation. Next time you’re wondering, just refer to this post. “Shot tsuh-vee-vull” is our closest approximation of the German word. Practice makes perfect!

Now, you can enjoy your perfected pronunciation and a wine tasting getaway at home with this exclusive collection of Schott Swiesel stemware. Today, you can win a set of our Schott Zwiesel Taste Series stemware, made specially for Pottery Barn.


Each glass has been sized and shaped for optimal aeration so you’re able to experience the nuances in every sip. The set includes a white wine, burgundy, red wine, flute, and bordeaux stem. This set of six is made in Germany and dishwasher safe.

To win one of the five sets, just fill out the form below. (Find official rules here.)

Thank you for reading, this contest is now closed.