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Welcome to June: Share Your Great Ideas For Celebrating This Month

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Morning breakfasts on your patio, evening cocktails by the lake and an entire month of warm, lazy days. June is here, and along with it, summer. We’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to celebrate the month.




  • A day trip with friends. Pick a spot on the map that’s within a two hour drive of your home, pile your closest pals in the car and set off for a day trip to a new town you’ve never visited. Make sure to chat with local residents to discover the best cafes, boutiques and natural wonders in the area.
  • A picnic in the park. You don’t have to leave your city to find summer inspiration. Fill a picnic basket with seasonal goodies, grab a blanket and enjoy an afternoon at one of your city’s parks.
  • A dip in the lake. Even if the water temperature is still frigid in your favorite lake, now’s the time to go, well, jump in a lake. That first dip of the season is the real way we gauge the summer season’s official beginning.

How do you celebrate the beginning of the summer season this month? Share your favorite ideas in the comments! We’ll be sharing many more ideas throughout the next three months in our Summer To-Do Lists on the blog.