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How-To: Create a Beautiful Succulent Planting With a Jewelry Box

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Today, we’re excited to share a jewelry box succulent DIY from Kiana Underwood, owner of Tulipina, a boutique floral design studio in San Francisco, specializing in chic events. Kiana is also the editor and creative force behind the floral blog The Naked Bouquet, which focuses on design and DIYs. Kiana is sought after for her unique approach, blending natural and organic garden design with creative and eclectic styling. When not designing, Kiana enjoys reading, playing the piano, and being a busy mother of three.




Kiana writes,  “I found this wonderful glass jewelry box t Pottery Barn and thought that it would be a wonderful vessel for an indoor succulent garden.” Keep reading for Kiana’s full DIY and make sure to read all about all of her other beautiful floral arranging ideas on her blog, The Naked Bouquet.


What you’ll need:

  • Succulents (You may have noticed that there is an African violet in the center of the box. I wanted to add something with a bit of contrasting color in the center of the garden. Other great choices would be begonia or kalanchoe (also a type of succulent)
  • Succulent soil (or other porous soil – important)
  • Plastic wrap, glass box

How to Make the Succulent Jewelry Box

Line the bottom of the box with plastic wrap, and add the soil. This will help keep it from leaking when you mist (not pour) water on it. Add the succulents and flowering plant.




Cut succulents will do fine when replanted, but if taking them from existing pots, it is easy to pull them out of the soil and replant without cutting them



Continue adding until you are satisfied with the look of your garden




Styling and design by Kiana Underwood
Photography by Angie Cao

A Relaxing Garden Oasis Perfect For Summer Entertaining

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Today, we’re featuring a post by PopSugar Home editor Angela Elias as part of our outdoor decorating series, inspiring readers with tips on how to decorate outdoors for summer. Angela decorated her garden with the Net Ceramic Stool and Hermosa Stripe Outdoor Canvas Pillows.




I envisioned having an outdoor space where I could catch up with friends over cocktails while enjoying the yard, but a lack of patio furniture and lighting was causing a road block. A dining set seemed like a big commitment and lounge chairs proved to be better suited for sunbathing than conversation. Electric bistro lights have also played a part in my backyard fantasy (and Pinterest boards!), but having smaller, spread out trees canceled this out as well. The solution, I finally figured out, was a more flexible formula.




  • Instead of a dining set, I decided to test out a pair of Net Ceramic Stools. While they could serve as extra seating in a pinch, I love that they’re the perfect size for holding drinks (or a plant!). Since they are intended for indoor or outdoor use, I know I can easily transplant them indoors too! Much more versatile for renters or those with smaller yards.
  • While I love my Mexican patio chairs, the leather is pretty worn. To hide the cracks in the leather, introduce some style, and a bit more comfort, I gave these Hermosa Stripe Outdoor pillows a try.
  • Since the bistro lights weren’t happening, I hung some mirrored candle sconces on our fence, scattered ceramic hurricane lanterns around the seating area and in the garden, and also hung Moroccan lanterns from tree branches. For the sconces, I like to use plain white prayer candles because they have a long burning time and won’t blow out as easily with a breeze. The mirrored mosaic surfaces on the sconces also helped to reflect extra light. I used battery operated candles for my hurricanes and Moroccan lanterns, which allowed me to keep them close to the greenery without worrying about burning anything down.




For a chance to win a Net Ceramic Stool, just fill out the form below (read the official rules here). Make sure to also check out Angela’s post on PopSugar Home for more tips on styling a backyard space like this one.

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A Chic Fire Escape Retreat From Refinery29

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As part of this week’s outdoor decorating series, we’re presenting posts from some of our favorite bloggers. Today, Manhattan-based Refinery29 senior editor Diana Nguyen tells us about how she turned a tiny fire escape into a breezy outdoor space. 

rooftop retreat2

Living in a typical Manhattan-sized apartment, I have very, very limited space. But when I need to feel a bout of vitamin D or just decompress, there’s always the fire escape. I’m not going to lie — it’s pretty drab out there, what with my dead fern and the rusted metal. But with a few portable adjustments, solitary confinement can become a sanctuary — tiny space be damned. I only needed a few elements I could easily bring in and out of my home (don’t want to break any New York fire codes, after all): dim lighting, a place to put my coffee, and some very resilient plants. Using my Pottery Barn items, I was able to create something equal parts industrial, romantic, and functional.


A small side table may be useful indoors, but it’ll also totally elevate your outdoor space. Although you can’t leave it on the fire escape, it’s small enough to transport and great for adding height and dimension to an area, not to mention you won’t have to put your books, drinks, or whatever on the dirty floor.

rooftop retreat1

A rusty, industrial-like space like this calls for elements that complement and contrast, and these Pottery Barn lanterns blend seamlessly on to the fire escape. For contrast, I added yellow florals inside to bring a touch of color and whimsy. I also coiled metal clothes hangers inside the lantern glass to keep the flowers in place and to maintain the industrial theme. I love the juxtaposition.

Finally, if you’re out more than in, low-maintenance greens and plants are your friends. Succulents and cacti don’t need much care and can bring that welcoming detail (especially if has a pop of color) to an intimate setting, if ever you decide to share it with others (one at the most…let’s not push it).

For a chance to win a $400 gift card from Pottery Barn, head over to Refinery 29 to read more about Diana’s fire escape retreat!

Photos courtesy Raven Ishak


See How the Olivia Star Pendant Lights Up This Garden

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Today, we’re featuring a post by Gardenista editor Michelle Slatella as part of our outdoor decorating series. Michelle decorated her garden with the Olivia Star Pendant.

elka pottery barn pendant 8

We are very DIY oriented at Gardenista; I hung the pendant in a tree at the edge of my bluestone patio and turned it into a votive holder using battery operated votives. (I wrapped the electrical socket securely in waterproof plastic to protect it for future use.) In the autumn, the pendant can come indoors or to a covered porch and be hardwired for electricity.

I live in Northern California, so we pretty much live in the garden year round — day and night, we’re out there. I wanted to have a warm light in the tree, both for when I have friends over and we are sitting on the patio at dusk or later drinking wine, and for when I look out the window into the garden at night. As you can see from the windows in the background of the photo with the pendant, our kitchen and family room look out into the garden and it’s lovely to see the pendant glowing there, like a low distant star, at night.

Keep reading to check out more photos from Michelle’s garden. You can also enter to win a pendant by filling out the form located just below the photos (read the official rules here). For a second chance to win, enter on Gardenista, too!

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How-To: Create a Vertical Kitchen Garden

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Are you excited for spring planting? We certainly are! To celebrate spring and summer gardening we’re featuring a week’s worth of posts and giveaways. To start, we’re looking at one of our favorite Pottery Barn products, thePottery Barn Linear Succulent Planters. Whether you have a huge backyard to plant with florals and vegetables or a small stoop, vertical planters can be a great element to any outdoor space. Recently, one of our Pottery Barn team members decided to add some spring-related garden decor to her front entrance with a little help from the Pottery Barn Linear Succulent Planters. The linear planters, which are crafted from galvanized iron and finished in matte pewter, struck her as a perfect way to frame her front door entrance.



Our Pottery Barn team member told us that she challenged herself to create the linear planter display using only edible plants. “That way,” she told us, “my front entrance wasn’t only pretty, it was also, essentially, a kitchen garden I could utilize while I was cooking.”



We asked our Pottery Barn team member for tips on re-creating this look at home. Here’s what she told us:

  • “Use plants that you love. We love to cook, so I included things that we’d use in our kitchen, such as herbs, greens and edible flowers. Look for varieties of chard or lettuce whose leaves can be snipped off individually and then will re-grow in the container.”
  • “For drainage purposes, I added a handful of pebbles before planting my linear planter.”
  • “Use a high-quality container-specific soil for your planter and make sure to amend the soil with an organic supplement to keep your plants growing strong.”
  • “I planted my plants in the same pattern in each planter, so it had a unified look when placed on either side of the door.”
  • “Make sure you place your planter somewhere where it will get the right amount of sun. It’s easy to determine which plants need full or partial sunlight — just look at the tag in each planter when you go to your local nursery.”


Have you tried using a linear planter around your home? We’d love to hear how you like it!

How to Style a Leather Sofa

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  • Great tips for styling a leather sofa. — Centsational Girl
  • Get the look of this chic, modern apartment. — Apartment Therapy
  • Visit a chef’s secret fifth floor garden. — Gardenista
  • Discover the hidden potential of picture frames. — Folk
  • We love how this Pottery Barn table was used in a home office. — Country Living
  • Celebrate spring by making your own handmade kite! — Etsy
  • Discover the best lanterns for home entertaining. — PopSugar Home
  • Wow! This New York couple fit a nursery into a 400-square-foot apartment. — Refinery29

Pinterest Board of the Week: Beautiful Blooms

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This week, we’re petal-happy thanks to the gorgeous Pottery Barn Pinterest board Beautiful Blooms.


We’re sharing dozens of fun ideas on the Pinterest board Beautiful Blooms, including these four Pins.

From top left, clockwise:

  1. We adore delicate pastel flowers, like these peach and salmon flowers discovered on Decor8. We love the mix of colors here, which strikes us as perfect for summer.
  2. It doesn’t get much more romantic than pink ranunculus. Just ask At Home in Love, who used pink ranunculus in her wedding bouquet. A perfect choice!
  3. Speaking of romantic, these massive pink and blush peonies, uploaded from the Pottery Barn site, are a great way to create major impact with just a few flowers. Who wouldn’t love to wake up with these flowers on their bedside table?
  4. A ranunculus and anemone bouquet featured on Snippet and Ink, make a romantic statement in shades of peach and cream, create a strong contrast to the steel-colored vase they’ve been arranged in.

Are you planting, arranging or decorating with flowers this week? Share your ideas with us in the comments, or let us know what you’re pinning, too!:  Make sure to also check out our flower-filled Pinterest board Beautiful Blooms.