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Behind the Design: A Fascination With Ikats

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We’re a little obsessed with ikats at the moment, as evidenced by our current collection, which features the print on everything from serving platters to garden umbrellas. We caught up with MJ, one of Pottery Barn’s textile designers, to learn the story behind some of the ikat designs used this season


For the Ellis design, shown above on the right, MJ told us that the design was baed on Uzbekistan ikats. “Uzbeki ikats represent the sun, and are seen as amulets. The Ellis design features a sun symbol that we originally found on an antique Uzbeki coat,” explains MJ. “The coats were from a collection from an estate sale in Berkeley from a woman who had traveled all over Central Asia and Pakistan in the 1970s. A friend of ours who’s an antique dealer knew about the sale and bought them for us, and then we bought the coats from her.”

For the Zoe design, shown above, MJ told us, “The Zoe design is a tulip. Tulips are a powerful symbol for the Uzbeki people, and are a symbol of the Ottonman sultans. These tulip-shaded designs considered a sign of wealth.”

Are you as fascinated with ikats as we are? Take a peek below for more ways to add this pattern to your home.


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