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Our Favorite Ideas For Styling the Pottery Barn Found Greek Olive Bucket

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Are you eager for spring? We certainly are! This week, we’re participating in a week’s worth of spring projects and DIYs with five other bloggers (make sure to click through on today’s projects at the bottom of this post). Today, we’re featuring the PB Found Greek Olive Bucket, one of our favorite storage and decorating finds for spring.

We love the Found Greek Olive Bucket in part because it’s so versatile. It can literally find a spot in any room in your house, in a number of roles. We think it’s a natural for adding a new look to your houseplants. Here, we tried it with a money tree.


And here, with a sanseveria.



Rolled tightly, bulky blankets add a pop of color to the Found Greek Olive Bucket.


Here are a few more of our ideas for using this Found Greek Olive Bucket around your house.

  • Use it for an update for spring kindling next to your fireplace.
  • Roll towels in it and use it in your bathroom.
  • Use it in your home office as a stylish trash can.
  • Corral cords, chargers and other tech accessories inside it.
  • Use it for spring gardening needs: think gloves, seed packets and even seedling six-packs.
  • Transfer picnic linens from your dining room to patio inside it for a rustic styling accent.
How would you style the Found Greek Olive Bucket?

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Six Days of Spring: Refresh Your Living Room With These Easy (Yes, Easy!) Envelope Pillows

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We’re excited to feature a week’s worth of spring projects and DIYs with five other bloggers (make sure to click through on today’s projects at the bottom of this post), and today we’re showing you how to add an easy spring refresh with pillow covers. For this project, we used some Pottery Barn fabric we had purchased a few years ago. We have a lot of other great yardage choices currently available. Find them all here.

Sewing pillow covers is a great way to refresh your sofa or bed for spring. This project takes very little time once you’ve assembled your materials. (We finished it in less than half an hour.)

What You’ll Need

  • Pillow Insert
  • 1-2 yards of fabric, ironed (fabric yardage depends on the size of your pillows)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Coordinating color thread
  • Measuring Tape
  • Iron
  • Pins
  • Scissors

Here’s How to Do It

  1. First, you need to determine how much fabric you’ll need. You’ll do this by using the size of your pillow insert to calculate your mesurements. (Stick with us here, measuring is the hardest part of this entire project!)
  2. Measure the length of the shorter side. Then, measure the length of the longer side, multiple the length by two and add four to five inches for your seam allowances and overlap. I also recommend adding even more fabric for the overlap, as then there’s no danger of a particularly plump pillow opening up in the back to reveal your insert.
  3. Confused by Step 2? Here’s how that measurement looks: If you have an 18 inch square pillow, cut your fabric to 18 inches on the short side, and 40 inches on the long side (18 inches, doubled, is 36 inches, plus four inches for allowance; again, feel free to add more fabric on the long side if you want the pillow insert to be absolutely covered, as we did).
  4. To get this measurement exact, it’s easy to use kraft paper as your pattern. Just lay out your measurements on the kraft paper and cut to size. Then, lay your fabric out under your pattern and cut it out.
  5. Next, measure and iron a quarter-inch hem on both of the short sides of your fabric, with the right side of the fabric down. Then fold over each side again to a quarter inch and iron. Then pin the edges and sew these hems.
  6. Lay the fabric right side up and fold one of the sides over a little further than half way. Then fold the other side over so it overlaps over your first folded side. It should extend three or more inches over your first folded side. Next, pin and sew each of these longer sides.
  7. Turn the pillow cover you’ve just sewn inside out. Use a wooden spoon to poke out the corners. Stuff your pillow, and you’re finished!

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Six Days of Spring: Think Vertically For Your Spring Garden With a Linear Planter

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Are you eager for spring? We certainly are! This week, we’re participating in a week’s worth of spring projects and DIYs with five other bloggers (make sure to click through on today’s projects at the bottom of this post).

Given that we’ve had some mild, sunny days in the San Francisco Bay Area as of late, it seemed like a great time to add some spring-inspired decorating elements to the home. Recently, one of our Pottery Barn team members decided to add some spring-related garden decor to her front entrance with a little help from the Pottery Barn Linear Succulent Planters. The linear planters, which are crafted from galvanized iron and finished in matte pewter, struck her as a perfect way to frame her front door entrance.



Our Pottery Barn team member told us that she challenged herself to create the linear planter display using only edible plants. “That way,” she told us, “my front entrance wasn’t only pretty, it was also, essentially, a kitchen garden I could utilize while I was cooking.”



We asked our Pottery Barn team member for tips on re-creating this look at home. Here’s what she told us:

  • “Use plants that you love. We love to cook, so I included things that we’d use in our kitchen, such as herbs, greens and edible flowers. Look for varieties of chard or lettuce whose leaves can be snipped off individually and then will re-grow in the container.”
  • “For drainage purposes, I added a handful of pebbles before planting my linear planter.”
  • “Use a high-quality container-specific soil for your planter and make sure to amend the soil with an organic supplement to keep your plants growing strong.”
  • “I planted my plants in the same pattern in each planter, so it had a unified look when placed on either side of the door.”
  • “Make sure you place your planter somewhere where it will get the right amount of sun. It’s easy to determine which plants need full or partial sunlight — just look at the tag in each planter when you go to your local nursery.”


Have you tried using a linear planter around your home? We’d love to hear how you like it!

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Passover Stories and Our Seder Plate

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For millions of Jewish households,  Passover is the time to gather together to commemorate the story of the Exodus, in which the ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt.  Passover begins on the 14th day of the month of Nisan in the Jewish calendar, and Passover seder marks the perfect time to celebrate and observe the Passover story with family and friends over a good meal.



We reached out to a few friends and Pottery Barn fans to hear about their favorite elements of Passover seder. Here’s what they told us:

  • “Every Passover I join my family and good friends at my parent’s house as we read the story of Passover and share a beautiful meal together. I always volunteer to set the dining table with beautiful linens and special place settings. This year, I am going to surprise my mother by bringing home a new matzah plate. It will be a perfect addition to our family’s Passover table for years to come.” — Leslie
  • “The Afikomen is so much fun. It was great as a kid zooming through the house trying to find it and now it’s great watching my kids and my sisters’ kids hunting around.” — Robin
  • “Passover is always my favorite time of year to gather around with my family. This holiday is almost as much about the people sitting around the table as it is about the food you are sharing as everyone brings their own spin to the more traditional classics. It doesn’t matter how old everyone gets, finding the Afikomen is still a childhood tradition that we keep alive within our family. Passover brings out the inner Child in everyone!” — Jacqueline
  • “The second night of Passover we had an interfaith seder with friends and family. It was an opportunity for us to share believes with those who were not otherwise familiar with the tradition. We encouraged everyone to taste the elements on the seder plate if they were unfamiliar with them. There was a younger member of the dinner who decided to try the horseradish. We may have mentioned the texture was carrot-like. Well the poor child bit in to it like a carrot. Her face was red and tears welled up but she was otherwise ok. We all were horrified but after she recovered we all laughed about it and still tease her to this day.” — Meg
  • “Last year I hosted my first Seder and was so excited to put together the ingredients for the Seder plate. As we approached the part in the Seder when we taste the horseradish root, we all got quite the surprise . . . I had bought ginger root instead of a horseradish root!” — Jenna


To celebrate Passover with our fans, today we’re giving away 10 of our Seder plates. The Pottery Barn Seder Plate was designed to mimic the look of a leafy branch — a family tree branch, if you like, for a special family gathering. For a chance to win one of our Seder Plates, simply fill out the form below by 11:59 pm PT tonight and we’ll pick 10 winners at random.  (You can read the official rules here.)

Thank you, this contest is now closed.

Six Days of Spring: Bejeweled Place Card Holders

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This week, we’re participating in a week’s worth of spring projects and DIYs with five other bloggers (make sure to click through on today’s projects at the bottom of this post).

For today’s project, we’re revisiting the bejeweled place card holders that were  featured in our garden party tablescape.



They’re perfect for weddings, dinner parties or other gatherings where a place card is needed. Karen Ondracek of General Taxonomy has all of the details for her DIY.




  • Small wooden blocks (toy blocks worked well – I chose them in the spirit of reuse. You can buy small wooden blocks at craft and hobby shops.)
  • Vintage clip on earrings and/or vintage pins. Larger brooches & pins can be used to make holders for menus, welcome signs, etc.
  • Spray paint (Needed only if you wish to alter the color of your blocks or jewelery. You may wish to use a spray primer as well.)
  • Masking tape (Needed only if you are spray painting and wish to retain some original colors.)
  • Hot glue gun & hot glue sticks


Step 1:

Spray paint the wooden blocks to coordinate with your color scheme. I chose white. If you have wooden blocks that look great as found, skip this step.


Step 2:


Spray paint vintage jewelry to coordinate with your color scheme. Mask off any jewels or other areas that you want to retain their original appearance. I spray painted gold tone, brass and pearl elements of my jewelry silver. If all your jewelry looks great as found, skip this step.


Tip: Try a few drops of eucalyptus oil mixed with a bit of hand lotion to remove any spray paint you might accidentally get on your skin, then wash with soap and water. Unless, of course, you are allergic or sensitive to eucalyptus.


Step 3:

Use hot glue to attach earrings and pins to woodblocks as shown.


For pins you want to create a narrow slot between the pin back and the block for the card. For large pins, you may need more than one block.


With the variety of jewelry styles & spray paints out there, these DIY place cards could work in many a tablescape. Have fun!

Thanks Karen! Make sure to check out her shop General Taxonomy for more arty and vintage goodness!

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Spring-Fresh Color and Unexpected Wine Country Day Trips

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This new home features classic details. We love the sun porch! — Traditional Home

Think spring, but enjoy the season at hand with a sledding party. — Country Living

These pillow decorating tips are positively perfect. — Centsational Girl

Flowers aren’t blooming yet? Then craft these paper wall flowers instead. — Sweet Paul

This home favors a layered and boho aesthetic. — Apartment Therapy

We bet you haven’t visted these under-the-radar wine country escapes! — Sunset

Try This at Home: Throw an Oscars Watching Party

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Are you hosting friends tomorrow night for the Oscars? If so, we highly recommend adding this free printable Oscars ballot to your festivities. Courtesy of Kelly over at Studio DIY, it’s the perfect way to break the ice as you gather new and old friends together to root for your favorite films and categories.

Kelly’s 2013 ballot includes all of the major award categories as well as a special list of “Oscar Favorites” you can fill out yourself. For all of her detailed instructions, head over to Studio DIY to find out how to make your own for Sunday night’s big event.

And don’t forget the refreshments! Our recommendations? These four popcorn recipes from DesignStudio, as well as a few favorite cocktails. Happy Oscars night!

Photos courtesy Studio DIY

This Weekend, Curl Up With a Good Book (After You Try This Bookmark DIY)

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A crafty tutorial that’s quick, cute and requires only two simple steps? Those are just three of the reasons we love this cute button DIY from Sweet Paul Magazine (psst, the new issue comes out in March!). Keep reading to get the oh-so-easy directions for the bookmark DIY, then find out what some of our favorite Twitter friends are recommending as their current book of choice this month. We’re inspired to crack open a new favorite novel or coffee table book — are you?


Make the perfect gift for any reader in a snap!

You Will Need:

  • Vintage Buttons
  • Large Paperclips
  • Superglue

  • Simply glue the button to the top of the paperclip.
  • Let it dry and it’s ready to use!


Can you believe how easy that bookmark DIY is? Now, for the perfect book for your new button bookmark. Check out the titles that some of our Twitter pals are loving right now:


What’s on your reading list this season? We’d love to get more recommendations of favorite can’t-miss titles!

Photos courtesy Alexandra Grablewski

Oscars Excitement: See Why We’re Inspired By The Oscar-Nominated Film Anna Karenina

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Anna Karenina is nominated in the category of Production Design in this year’s Academy Awards, and for good reason. Production designer Sarah Greenwood and set decorator Katie Spencer went above and beyond when re-imagining Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina for the screen.


Director Joe Wright struck upon the unique notion that “the action would be taking place within a beautiful decaying theatre, which in itself would be omnipresent, a metaphor for Russian society of the time as it rotted from the inside.”


Production designer Sarah Greenwood and set decorator Katie Spencer visited locations, including the condemned Alexandra Palace theatre in London, before deciding to build the entire set from scratch.Other film locations include the Karenin home, the Oblonsky house, an ice rink, a ball, an opera, a society soirée, and a horse race, as well as snowy landscapes and the train station.


Echoing the film’s elaborate sets are the costumes, which were based on late 19th century imperial Russian designs as well as 1950s European haute couture.


The entire film is a stunning visual feast, from costume to set design to story.



What films inspired you this year in terms of set and production design?

Source: Photos courtesy Focus Features

A Vintage-Inspired Gallery Wall Display

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Laura at Finding Home recently shared this gallery wall with us, and we were smitten. We thought our readers might enjoy hearing about her experience, as well as tips for creating something similar in your own homes.



Can you tell us a little about this project? Where is it located? How did you come up with the idea?

“This project is in our kitchen, but it is also the main pathway to move through our home. I wanted to bring more personality to the wall and include things that our family loves. Plus, I was looking for a unique way to display our family photographs. I kept working on an arrangement on the floor in front of it until I found something I was happy with.”



What do you like about gallery walls?

“I like that gallery walls really fill a space and bring character in. Sometimes a piece of artwork really should be on its own to make a statement. But in this case I really wanted to pull together a collection of unique and vintage items.”


Do you have any favorite pieces amongst the photography, art and decorative objects you used here?

“The family photos of our hands and our feet are my absolute favorites. The ‘OPEN’ sign was a meaningful gift from a very dear friend. The print of the Flatiron Building used to hang in my grandfather’s office. The large key we brought back from our trip to Paris, and the boot moulds just make me swoon! So, pretty much everything is a favorite, — which is why I pulled them all together in such a central location of our home.”



Why did you decide to use the Tanner Console Table and Stool in this space?

“What I love about the Tanner Console Table and Stool is that it brings in clean and simple lines to contrast with the vintage pieces. The glass, black and smooth leather bring a contemporary edge that helps bring it all together with more character and provide a great contrast to all the wood details.”


Inspired to try a gallery wall of your own? Get Laura’s full tutorial on her blog, Finding Home.