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The Organized Entry: Creating a Beautiful Space That Keeps Clutter at Bay

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Every year, creating a clutter-free home  is one of the top resolutions. An obvious place to start is the entry. A tidy, beautiful entry space provides a wonderful way to introduce guests to your home, and it will also make you feel better, too. When your keys, shoes, mail and other essentials are all in their respective places, your routine becomes much more effortless. No more searching for that lost set of keys or outgoing letter on your way to work, which in turn lessens daily stress!

One of our favorite new pieces for creating an organized entry is this set of Modular Family Lockers, and no wonder — the organizing and decorating possibilities are nearly endless. We’re also quite taken with the idea of adding personalized name plates to different cubbies and baskets — that way there’s no excuse for getting items in the wrong place.



Even if this locker system isn’t on your shopping list this season, there are plenty of ways you can create an organized entry by using smart organizing components. And let’s face it: some of us have smaller entries where a large piece may not be feasible given the square footage. In that case, an organized entry is even more imperative. Here are our top tips for creating an organized entry.

Make it easy to be tidy and hard to be messy. By providing a spot for everything, you make it easier to keep things clean and organized than it is to drop bags, shoes or mail on the floor or the first available table space. Essential entry organizing items, including shoe racks and coat racks, will help you to make tidy habits turnkey for both you and your family.



Utilize floor and wall space. Is your square footage less than adequate? Then look up. Wall space can easily be transformed into organizing space when you hang a coat rack, organizing system or wall shelves. We’re big fans of the Union Office Collection, which also includes places for your family to write messages or reminders for each other.

Provide a seating option. Let’s face it: standing up to pull off shoes and boots is less than civilized. Even a very small entry space can accommodate a stool or chair that can be used to take off or put on footwear in a more comfortable fashion. For very small spaces, we recommend the Tanner Stool. It’s small enough to tuck under a console table or hide behind a door when not in use, but comfortable enough to accommodate weary travelers arriving at your door.


Never underestimate the power of baskets. Be they lidded or open, square or round, baskets are the little black dress of the organizing world — an essential core item that every home should have (and in our opinion, more is better in this case). Baskets can tackle everything from winter wardrobe accessories to dog leashes to mail. Choose baskets like the Savannah Lidded Baskets and stack to your heart’s content.

What are your  organizing tips and tricks? Share your favorites in the comments.