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Friday DIY: Learn the Steps to Force Bulbs

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When it’s snowy and dreary outside, a pop of living color in the form of flowers is one of the best ways to breathe life into your winter home. While there’s always the option of cut flowers, we also recommend trying to force bulbs as well
Forcing bulbs is a fun project that you can try alone or with friends or family members. We also love the idea of throwing a DIY party where you can force bulbs with a group of your friends this weekend. Ask each friend to bring one supply needed for the project, and then pool your resources to create multiple vessels. A few weeks down the line, the payoff will be huge.

Supplies Needed

  • Paperwhites or hyacinth bulbs in different varieties
  • Marbles, stones, or glass pebbles
  • Vases, jars or other container
  • Water
Forcing Your Bulbs
  • To force paperwhite bulbs, start by adding a layer of pebbles to the vase of your choice. Then, nestle the bulb, bigger (root-)side down, in the pebbles. Add enough water to just reach the bottom of the bulbs. Replenish water as needed.
  • To force hyacinth bulbs, place a bulb just above, though ot touching the water, and store in a dark, chilly space, around 50 degrees, for around 8 weeks. Change water as needed, and after eight weeks you can move your hyacinth out into bright, indirect sunlight.

For a special Valentine’s Day surprise, start your paperwhite bulbs now, and then present your friend with the blooming or near-blooming bulbs as a special present.

We’ve rounded up some supplies below. Will you be trying to foce bulbs at your home this weekend?

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Source: Flickr User katerha