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Before and After: Jonathan’s Incredible Kitchen Renovation

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Last year, we visited Pottery Barn fan Jonathan’s lovely home with a brief look at a small corner of his home. Now, he’s back to give us a closer look at his kitchen, which he recently renovated. We caught up with Jonathan to ask him some questions about the incredible transformation of his kitchen space. Here’s what Jonathan’s kitchen looked like before the renovation. Keep reading for our interview with Jonathan and the incredible after photos!


Can you tell us a little bit about this kitchen renovation? 

“My kitchen only gets light from one window, above a built-in breakfast bench. The cabinets were the same color as the hardwood floor so it was hard to tell where the floor ended and the cabinets began. This combined with a lack of light made the kitchen feel cave-like. I spent October and November combing Cultivate, Houzz and Pinterest. I’ve always loved how clean and crisp a white kitchen looked and knew it would definitely help grab more light and open up my space. The actual reno took five weeks. Three weeks of that was waiting on the new countertops to be made and installed. I was able to use the cabinet maker who did all of my original kitchen cabinet work. This was also the case with the painter. The cabinet maker recommended the countertop company who then recommended a tile installer. It definitely took some project management skills, getting everyone scheduled at the right time. I needed to have everything done by Christmas. Everything fell in to place with the last piece of subway tile getting placed and grouted at 6 pm, December 21st.”

What were some of the most important elements of the room?

“I’d definitely say the sink and shelves. The sink and exposed shelves command such attention. To break up this mostly linear space, I decided to add the round, over-sized clock. I think it creates a really nice focal point.”

We love the mix of open shelving with cupboards with doors. How did you choose to mix them like this?

“I love exposed shelves, especially when combined with all white dinnerware. I decided I’d remove the two cabinets on each side of the sink and replace them with exposed shelves. I also hoped the shelves would help open up the space. The less boxy, the better. These shelves have also provided me with more storage space.”

What are the countertops made from?
“The countertops are actually a matte granite that resembles soapstone. You get the beauty of soapstone but the durability and less maintenance of granite. Brilliant.”

The farmhouse sink is gorgeous! Was this a must-have for you?

“I knew I wanted a farmhouse sink from the beginning. I love the character that is adds, especially with the bridge faucet, complete with hot and cold turn handles.”

How did you decide on the tile and backsplash?

“Subway tile is classic. I toyed around with a recycled glass tile but kept coming back to the white. It’s clean, crisp and bright. I felt reassured when the gentleman who installed the backsplash, with his 15 years of experience told me he’s seen all kinds of tile come and go, but subway tile never goes out of style.”

What are your favorite parts of the kitchen?

“Definitely the farmhouse sink and shelves and the character they bring. I decided to get a commercial range at the last minute and that’s definitely a close second.”

Which Pottery Barn pieces did you use?

“I knew pieces from Pottery Barn would make the finished kitchen feel more like home. I started with the paperwhite bulbs next to the sink. They bring life to the space and I love how the green pops against the white tile. I filled one of the oversized mason jars with lemons to add another pop of color. The PB White and Great White dinnerware collections helped to fill the exposed shelves. I also mixed in things like the Jus De Fruit glasses to add to the overall farmhouse feel. Lastly, I hung two of the rustic glass pendant lights over the bar. They give the kitchen even more character and with the filament bulbs, add a nice warmth to the kitchen.”

What do you love most about your new kitchen?

“What do I not love about my new kitchen?!”