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Travel to Norway’s Herang Tunet Hotel For a True Winter Lodge Experience

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When it comes to snowy getaways,  Tahoe or Jackson Hole are apt to come to mind, but there are some absolutely amazing getaways much further away — far up in the fjords of Norway, in fact. Herang Tunet Hotel,  a Norwegian lodge getaway, can be found between the Hegge Fjord and Jotunheimen, Norway’s highest mountain range.

Located in the village of Heggenes, the Norwegian lodge is situated in a landscape of forest, lake and mountains, and provides an absolutely perfect winter getaway for snow lovers. Thanks to its proximity to the ski resort of Beitostolen  and nearby Jotunheimen National Park, the outdoor opportunities in winter are myriad. Think skiing, dogsledding, ice fishing, snowshoeing, sledding and more.


Owned and operated by Marco and Marie-José, a graphic designer and interior designer, respectively, the couple originally set up Herang Tunet as a guest house. Marco and Marie-José lent their creative skills to theming each of the five rooms around a different geographical region, including Norway, France, Holland, Iceland and Sweden. Additionally, the four suites at Herang Tunet are themed by cities: Rome, Aspen, London and New York.



Herang Tunet is a cozy, intimate guest experience, capable of housing up to 14 guests. For meals, the lodge’s restaurant, with its central woodburning stove, is a perfect landing spot after a brisk day of outdoor adventuring. Round out your evening with an Aquavit nightcap and session in the sauna, and all will be right with the world. Tempted to try a stay at Herang Tunet in the winter? Take a peek at some of the photos of the lodge and its winter activities in the slideshow.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Guys: A Few of Our Favorite Picks

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Let’s face it: men aren’t the easiest people to shop for on Valentine’s Day.  Luckily, we’re here to help with a selection of Valentine’s Day gifts for guys  sure to satisfy the men  in your life. See if the men you know fit into the categories we’ve outlined, and if any of these gifts will work for your dad, brother, husband or BFF.

The Frequent Traveler If you know and love someone who’s booking tickets to far-flung destinations when he’s not combing the pages of  Travel + Leisure, channel that interest with a gift of our Saddle Leather Passport Cover. Crafted of distressed leather with hand-stitched details, you can make it extra special with a monogram, which will be centered on the lower-right-hand corner of the cover.


The Boy Scout If you love a fella who fancies himself a handy guy,  he’ll appreciate these Victorinox Swiss Army Knives.  Each knife has a hardwood handle whose color and grain patterns are unique. The knives can also be monogrammed with your personal boy scout’s initials. With features including a bottle opener,  large screwdriver , wire strip, tweezers, toothpick and reamer, you know he’ll be ready for every situation, whether it’s a picnic bottle of wine or a last-minute bicycle repair.


The Gambler If your guy would rather spend his Friday nights playing Texas Hold ‘Em, splurge on this  Poker Table, which was inspired by a handmade game table our designers  found at a local flea market. With features including chip holders, troughs, cup holders and a black felt top, your favorite poker player  will be the toast of game night. 


The Collector If you love a man who loves to collect art, our new collection of original art is a great way to show him you care. Our favorite pick for a Valentine’s Day guy? This Glen Firestone oil painting, Establishment II.  Painted on wood, Firestone created the painting  by stripping wood remnants into thin pieces, sanding and painting them, then laying them down on a larger wood panel. Small dates painted onto various wood strips echo back to Firestone’s obsession with numbers and order.


The Mixologist If your guy mixes a mean drink and prides himself on his home bar, gift him this gorgeous cut glass Library Decanter. Made from hand-cut mouth-blown soda-lime glass, it’s a perfect way to display his favorite bourbon.


The Audiophile If your guy and his iPod seldom part, this Saddle Leather Earphone Case provides a convenient and handsome way to corral those pesky earphones and keep them from tangling. (As for headphone recommendations, it’s hard to go wrong with Thinksound wooden headphones . . .)


The Bibliophile Whether he’s partial to the Kindle, hardcover novel or a selection of magazines, the bibliophile deserves a comfy perch for his hours of leisure reading. We’re partial to the Turner Leather Armchair, whose high back and thick, squared-off arms  provide great support for your guy’s favorite hobby. With down-blend cushions and top-grain leather upholstery, it’s the type of chair that will remain a favorite for years to come.

Behind the Design: How a Scarf Pattern Was Transformed Into Our Tonal Embroidered Taper Drum Shade

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A simple way to add a fresh change to your home in the new year is by switching out a tired shade for a new, inspired one. We’re smitten with the new Tonal Embroidered Tapered Drum Shade, which is a cotton embroidered drum shade with a floral motif.

The Tonal Embroidered Tapered Drum Shade is available in three sizes, so you can find an easy fit that will work with the dimensions of your lamp base and room. We chatted with one of Pottery Barn’s textile designers, MJ, about the shade and its origins. MJ told us that the final embroidered drum shade design looks distinctly different from the inspiration for the piece.

Believe it or not, this tattered scrap was the original inspiration for the embroidered drum shade.


Can you spot the pattern from the lampshade? Here’s a closer look at the shade, for comparison.


It’s always inspiring to see how our designers find inspiration everywhere — and how much an inspiration object is transformed through the creative process. Make sure to check out all of our Behind the Design posts for more stories from Pottery Barn’s design team.

What’s Inspiring Us Today: Gorgeous Pottery Barn-Decorated Reader Homes

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We’re big Instagram fans, and are always happy to find images from Pottery Barn customers and fans posted through Instagram.  If you’re an Instagram fan, too, we’d love it if you followed Pottery Barn on Instagram. Want to share your Pottery Barn favorite finds? Tag your posts with #pbstyle and you might just see your Instagram photo on our blog! Here are a few Pottery Barn Instagram photos from our customers that are wowing us this week.

This close-up shot  of our Exeter 16-Jar Pendant has us oohing and ahing. Instagram user idioslee writes, Hello, new lights for the home!” And how!


The variety of cushions on this cozy sofa are inspiring us to sit and stay awhile. Instagram user  jenniferciani writes, “A few new pillows for the couch — going to be doing some more re-accessorizing and rearranging tonight.” (We think it looks perfect.)


Instagram user mr_mmmmmatt added a rustic twist to his house, explaining ” Quick bathroom  remodel with an antler  plaque and an eclectic frame with deer images.” We think it looks great, don’t you?


Talk about winging it! We’re inspired by the pairing of this nailhead trim chair and our Golden Carved Wooden Wings. Instagram user jcrisp37 has this corner of her home looking gorgeous.


Instagram user jenellesummers writes, Ok Pottery Barn . . . You win again! I caved for two mirrored dressers! But making more room for fashion and #fit gear to keep me motivated is priceless! I should probably write these off as a business expense.”


We couldn’t agree more with this statement from Instagram user hautehamptons: “Once you have an apartment to decorate, ridiculously adorable things like a phone salt and pepper shaker become necessary.”


These wall shelves create a gorgeously utilitarian decorating moment in the hands of Instagram user jonilyn.

We are swooning over this gallery wall! Instagram user mandywilko1 should pat herself on the back for pulling it off so beautifully. (Try it youself with some of our Wood Gallery Frames.)


Inspired to  share your Pottery Barn favorite finds? Tag your posts with #pbstyle. We can’t wait to see how you’re decorating!

Get in the Valentine’s Day Spirit With a Love Mantel

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  • We’re in love with this idea for a Valentine’s Day mantel. — Folk Magazine
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  • Fold a heart-shaped book marker for your favorite Valentine’s Day bookworm.  — How About Orange
  • Instant art with . . . embroidery hoops? — Sweet Paul Magazine
  • Stylish ways to display black and white photographs. — Centsational Girl
  • Find a new favorite winter beer. — The Blender
  • Some great inspiration for arranging a staircase photo gallery wall. — Pottery Barn Design Studio

The Organized Entry: Creating a Beautiful Space That Keeps Clutter at Bay

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Every year, creating a clutter-free home  is one of the top resolutions. An obvious place to start is the entry. A tidy, beautiful entry space provides a wonderful way to introduce guests to your home, and it will also make you feel better, too. When your keys, shoes, mail and other essentials are all in their respective places, your routine becomes much more effortless. No more searching for that lost set of keys or outgoing letter on your way to work, which in turn lessens daily stress!

One of our favorite new pieces for creating an organized entry is this set of Modular Family Lockers, and no wonder — the organizing and decorating possibilities are nearly endless. We’re also quite taken with the idea of adding personalized name plates to different cubbies and baskets — that way there’s no excuse for getting items in the wrong place.



Even if this locker system isn’t on your shopping list this season, there are plenty of ways you can create an organized entry by using smart organizing components. And let’s face it: some of us have smaller entries where a large piece may not be feasible given the square footage. In that case, an organized entry is even more imperative. Here are our top tips for creating an organized entry.

Make it easy to be tidy and hard to be messy. By providing a spot for everything, you make it easier to keep things clean and organized than it is to drop bags, shoes or mail on the floor or the first available table space. Essential entry organizing items, including shoe racks and coat racks, will help you to make tidy habits turnkey for both you and your family.



Utilize floor and wall space. Is your square footage less than adequate? Then look up. Wall space can easily be transformed into organizing space when you hang a coat rack, organizing system or wall shelves. We’re big fans of the Union Office Collection, which also includes places for your family to write messages or reminders for each other.

Provide a seating option. Let’s face it: standing up to pull off shoes and boots is less than civilized. Even a very small entry space can accommodate a stool or chair that can be used to take off or put on footwear in a more comfortable fashion. For very small spaces, we recommend the Tanner Stool. It’s small enough to tuck under a console table or hide behind a door when not in use, but comfortable enough to accommodate weary travelers arriving at your door.


Never underestimate the power of baskets. Be they lidded or open, square or round, baskets are the little black dress of the organizing world — an essential core item that every home should have (and in our opinion, more is better in this case). Baskets can tackle everything from winter wardrobe accessories to dog leashes to mail. Choose baskets like the Savannah Lidded Baskets and stack to your heart’s content.

What are your  organizing tips and tricks? Share your favorites in the comments.

How-To: Craft a Headboard Out of a Salvaged Door

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Last week, we featured Lindsay’s gorgeous sun porch. Today, she’s back with a tutorial for us from her own home, showing us how to make a headboard out of a salvaged door.

The technique we used to hang the door allows it to hang freely on the wall without any screws showing through or damaging the front of the door. This technique is similar to one used frequently when hanging a heavy work of art on a wall.


  • Old door
  • Paint and/or stain if necessary
  • Two 1 x 4 boards cut to the length of your door
  • Table saw (used to cut a 45 degree angle)
  • Level
  • Deck screws
  • Trim screws
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure


  • Select an interesting door. I used a door that was left in the basement of my home when I purchased it. I am guessing it used to be the door that went from the sun porch into the home. I love the idea that I created a headboard for my king sized bed, essentially for free, and with an architectural piece that belonged to my home! If you don’t already have an old door, they can be found in salvage shops and flea markets around the country for a reasonable price.
  • Decide if you want to refinish or paint the door. I scrubbed mine with soap and water because it needed to be cleaned after years of being stored in the basement. After the door was completely dry, I used Minwax “Dark Walnut” colored stain to give the door a fresh coat of stain. I just followed the directions on the back of the can. I would suggest being in a well-ventilated area and wearing gloves.
  • Next, take measurements of where you want the door to be located on the wall. I wanted the mattress to cover up about an inch at the bottom edge of the door, so I measured the height of the bedframe and mattress and then spaced the door accordingly.


Cut one 1 X 4 length-wise on a 45 degree angle. This piece will then be anchored into the studs of the wall. Have the “short” side of the angle attached to the wall.


Attach the other 1 X 4 to the headboard. Place the flat side at the top of the door and the angle at the bottom. These two 45 degree angle boards will fit into each other on the wall creating a secure hold.


  • The other 1 x 4 is then secured to the wall as a spacer to hold the headboard plumb or level. Once the headboard is in place, a small trim screw can be used on the 1×4 to further secure it in place.


  • Tada! Now you have your own salvaged door headboard!

Keep up with Lindsay’s adventures with her husband, pups and home when you read her blog, The Milkweed Pods.

Love Your #PBPets? Share Your Favorite Four-Legged Friends on Instagram

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We can’t get enough of Pottery Barn pieces, especially when they’re accompanied by an adorable four-legged friend. Today, we’re following up  on our first #pbpets post with some truly charming cats and dogs that are showing off their good taste by showing a preference for Pottery Barn products. Want to share your Pottery Barn favorite finds and your favorite pet? Tag your posts with #pbpets and you might just see your Instagram photo on our blog!

Instagram user ohmyowls posted this picture of her cat, noting “She looks so tiny up there! Well, she is tiny, but looks even more tiny on the big pillows!”


Instagram user justicejonesie writes, “The dog is making herself comfy on the new rug.”


Here’s a cozy kitty. Instagram user dlomb406 writes, “Mieka loves the Wesley Throw from #potterybarn.”


What kitty can resist a paper bag? Instagram user goldie232 shares, “Look what I got at #potterybarn today!”


We’re not sure who’s cuter, the pup or Instagram user courtkatphoto’s  baby belly. (We’ll call it a tie, and the Scroll Tile Rug will take second place.)

Amanda and Giorgio’s Modern and Romantic Toronto Wedding

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One of the most memorable days in a couple’s life together is their wedding day, which is why we’re excited to provide inspiration for our readers and registered couples with our series of wedding posts. Our first featured wedding is from Giorgio and Amanda. Amanda is the co-founder and owner of The Hot Plate, where she provides food styling, recipe development and other online resources for food lovers. Given Amanda’s profession,  it’s no surprise that food and wine were two major considerations when she and Giorgio married in Toronto at sunset on November 3rd, 2012 at the Berkeley Field House. Let’s take a peek at their gorgeous ceremony and reception and hear what Amanda has to say about her wedding day.

Can you tell us a little about you and your husband?

“Giorgio is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. When I met Giorgio, I knew that I’d never meet anyone nicer and more sincere than him. I’m very outgoing, definitely a big A-type personality here. Giorgio supports my ambition and entrepreneurial spirit, and helps to keep me grounded and balanced.”

How did you meet?

“Giorgio is from Peru and works as an associate at Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board. I’m from Ottawa and I run an online cooking resource for food lovers and professional recipe development and food styling company called The Hot Plate. We met at a Halloween Party in 2010. I was dressed as a zebra and Giorgio was the most interesting man in the world. After walking off the elevator, Giorgio was the first person I met, and we’ve been together since that night.”


How did you get engaged?

“A week I’ll never forget . . . Giorgio and I are two peas in a pod so he knew that with my keen sense for surprises, I would probably guess what he was planning. Anticipating this, he sent me a week of calendar invites. Starting on Saturday Giorgio organized full days and nights of events. We visited art galleries, went to incredible restaurants and even revisited the first place we said ‘I love you.’ I started to think that just maybe he would ask. Four days in, I was pretty sure, but night after night no BIG question. Finally, Thursday night I came home to find Giorgio there with a drink in hand. He said he’d booked us a table at SPiN Toronto for a game of ping pong and then a surprise dinner at an intimate restaurant. Giorgio had intended to hide the ring box in the basket of ping pong balls, but when we were assigned a table next to a rowdy office party, Giorgio had to reconsider. Minutes later, Giorgio said that ping pong wasn’t a good idea and rushed us out into the alley. Unable to contain the nerves/excitement, he looked around anxiously in the alley. Although it was raining, Giorgio got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Excited, teary-eyed and all smiles we headed to an intimate French restaurant. On the table was the most impressive bouquet of roses and orchids I’ve ever seen. The husband and wife who owned the restaurant  asked if it was my birthday and when we told them we’d just gotten engaged they brought out champagne for all 25 patrons. It still makes me smile when I think of the care and thought he put into planning the proposal.”



What was your inspiration for the feel and look for the wedding?

“I’m not a lover of fall foliage. So when we opted for a November wedding we wanted to skew winter. Giorgio and I wanted a downtown wedding with a modern yet rustic twist. We opted for birch bark and pine cones because of their versatility and elegant look.”

What was most important to you when planning the wedding?

“Food! Well, food and culture. Giorgio is from Peru and food is definitely a big part of their culture. Also, my work in the food industry meant that we wanted to impress guests with elegant food that appealed to the season. Our mains included cornish hens with bourbon mash and braised beef short ribs with glazed root vegetables.”

What details really stood out at the wedding?

“I’ll have to thank my mum for this. My mum hacksawed 100 pine cones so that we good use them as place card holders. Everyone loved them, and people even took them home as keepsakes.”



How did your occupation affect the menu and décor at the wedding?

“My work at The Hot Plate is all about making cooking fun and simple for home cooks. For the wedding, I wanted to keep decor simple and seasonal just like the food. Our menu included phyllo wrapped brie, foie gras with pickled scapes and other tasty bites. Our mains included cornish hens with bourbon mash and braised beef short ribs with glazed root vegetables. We were lucky with decor. The Berkeley Field House is renowned for its seasonal dishes as well as its impeccable service, gorgeous whitewashed walls and vintage looking chandeliers.”



What fun details did your guests really enjoy and respond to?

“Our guests loved the pine cone place card holders and mercury glass vases. The woodsy touch added warmth to the room. Our guests also loved what is known in Peru as ‘hora loca,’ also called ‘crazy hour.’ Hora Loca starts about an hour into dancing and usually involves costume pieces and the music taking it up a notch. For ours, I’m an experienced sailor and grew up on sailboats so it was only natural that we embraced the pirate spirit. We passed around eye patches, fake parrots, pirate hats, hooks and plastic swords. Guests got really into the party.”


Did you have a live band or a DJ?

“Giorgio is the music buff of the couple. He organized a string trio for the ceremony and reception. Instead of classic music we opted for contemporary music like Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars and even some Elvis Presley. For dinner and dancing we moved over to a DJ that kept the party going until 2 AM! Giorgio spent months organizing the music. We started by picking favorite Spanish and English songs and then broke it down to dinner and dancing. Every weekend, Giorgio and I would listen to the playlist while cooking for the week. We were able to edit down the list to favorites without any last minute stress.”


What do you think is important to splurge on?

“Definitely wine! The food was important, but when it came to wine Giorgio and I knew we wanted to go for quality. My parents, also wine lovers, had no problem indulging us in a number of tastings. We chose bottles that we loved, and would complement the food beautifully.”

What about where you can save money?

“We saved money with DIY invitations. With a little trial and error on Illustrator I was able to craft up a simple and elegant invitation that saved us hundreds of dollars. We also opted not to rent limos for the day.”



What advice do you have for other couples planning their wedding?

“Book the big stuff early to reduce stress. We booked everything early and enjoyed a stress-free summer. In September, we picked up where we’d left off and finalized last minute details. Also, make couple time. Even though you’ll be planning your wedding it is important that as a couple you carve out non-wedding talk time.”

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Photos by OliveStudio

Are You Making a Style Resolution This Year?

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